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wa    we    wi    wo    woa    wu    

wa   vi. to flower or bear₁ fruit.

wa-   vt. to carry, to transport by hand. wahdo carry here wahla carry there. cf. [meing] ketiki.

wahda   vt. to take (something) along.

wah   n3s. fruit, flower; offspring; result.

wai   vi. to sneak; to prowl, to move stealthily. Pwutako waila rehn serepeino pwohng. The boy went to see the girl last night in secret. waine, vt.

waia, also wehia.   n. wire, spring. [Eng.]

waii₁   n. foreign lands, large lands beyond the horizon of Pohnpei.

waii₂   adj. slow moving. mpwei waii slow ball (in baseball).

Waioming   n. Wyoming. [Eng.]

waik   vt. to pull; to snatch; to stretch something. weweik, vi.

wailes   1. n. wireless telegraph, telegram. 2. vi. to send a telegram. [Jap. waialesu < Eng. wireless]

wain   n. wine, champagne; grape vine. [Eng.]

waine   vt. to sneak up to, to prowl about, to move stealthily to, to move about discreetly to. wai, vi.

waipai   n. Wi-Fi. [Eng.]

wair   n. bird sp., an unidentified land bird that has a frightening call associated with the spirit world.

wairen kederlap   meing. n. royal bracelet. cf. luwou.

wairenieu, also waireniso.   1. meing. n. head garland. 2. meing. vi. to wear a head garland. cf. mwaramwar, elin kapwat.

waireniso   n. see wairenieu.

wairenleng   meing. n. head garland of a Nahnmwarki, crown. Wairenleng wehwehki manaman en ninen Mwohnsapw. Wairenleng refers to power and unlimited authority of the paramount chief (Mwohnsapw) that is symbolized by this head garland. cf. mwaramwar, elin kapwat.

waiseht   n. long sleeve shirt, of any color; white shirt. [Jap. waishatsu < Eng.]

Waiso   n. a legendary island, from which, according to some, the first Pohnpeians came.

wahu   n. valley, gorge; respect, honor; a kava ritual. cf. [meing] sakaradahn wahu.

waun   adj. respectful, respectable, honorable. wauniki, vt.

wauniki   vt. to respect, to honor, to recognize someone with an expression of respect. waun, adj.

waunla   1. vi. to gain respect. 2. vi. to retire from the ministry, used among Protestants. waun, adj.

wak₁   vi. to be removed, as of a lid, to be uncovered. waka, vt. cf. [meing] wahleng.

wak₂   vt. to chop with an axe or machete, as foliage.

waka   vt. to remove, as of a lid, to uncover, as of a cover. wak₁, vi. cf. [meing] wahlenge.

wahkahk   vi. to cackle loudly, of a hen.

wakala   vi. to be full from eating too much.

wakapw   n. fish sp., bluebanded surgeonfish, Acanthurus lineatus, normally found on the barrier reef.

wakar   n. (3sg. wekere) pubic hair. cf. [meing] limwinpohnsounpwopw.

wahkihla   vt. to depend on someone or something, to rely on, with ill consequences.

wako, also uwako.   vi. to gag. cf. [meing] wahloal.

waku   n. embroidery hoop. [Jap. waku]

wal   adj. able to fly₂ far, of sihr₁ in the game peisihr.

wahl₁   n. primary forest, jungle, forest, woods, grove of trees.

wahl₂   slang. n. (3sg. wali) head.

walailap   n. see walahilap.

walahilap, also walailap.   meing. n. firepit, fireplace, fire in the residence of a Soupeidi. cf. pehs₁.

walahileng   meing. n. residence of a Nahnmwarki; a large feasthouse.

walahisomw   meing. n. a large feasthouse.

walek   adj. large, of any opening.

wahleng   meing. vi. to be removed, as of a lid, to be uncovered. wahlenge, vt. cf. wak₁.

wahlenge   meing. vt. to remove, as of a lid, to uncover, as of a cover. wahleng, vi. cf. waka.

waled   n. wallet, billfold. [Eng.]

wahliniep   n. any woman in one's wife's clan except one that the wife calls mother; any man in one's husband's clan except one that the husband calls child.

walipit   num. eight. see pit₁.

wahloal   meing. vi. to gag. cf. uwako, wako.

waluh   num. eight. see -u.

wampwe   adj. putting on airs, showing off.

wahn ohl pirien   n. cousin, specifically, the child of one's father's brother.

wahn oaloahd   n. sea cucumber sp.

wahn kasukuhl lap   n. an instructional goal.

wahn kasukuhl tik   n. an instructional objective.

wahn kiki   n3s. cuticle.

wahn kikin eni, also wahn pehn eni.   n. an expression used to refer to breadfruit; literally 'fruit of the hands of spirits'.

wahn lih pirien   n. cousin, specifically the child of one's mother's sister.

wahn nihn, also sele.   n. plant sp., Peperomia ponapensis.

wahn pehn aramas   n. an expression used to refer to yams; literally, 'fruit of the hands of people', the fruit of human labor.

wahn pehn eni, also wahn kikin eni.   n. an expression used to refer to breadfruit; literally 'fruit of the hands of spirits'.

wahn rohs, also rohs.   n. flower, any flowering plant; rose. [rohs <Eng. rose]

wahn rohs pwetepwet   n. plant sp., Hippobroma longiflora. [rohs <Eng.]

wahn sakau   n. a small kava branch suitable for planting.

wahn sahpw   n. agricultural product. Atail wahn sahpw akan me malaulau. Our agricultural products are very limited.

wahn sehd   n. marine product. Atail wahn sehd akan kak mwomwla. Our marine products can be depleted.

wahn wain   Biblical. n. grape. [wain <Eng.]

wahn wihd   Biblical. n. head, of a stalk of wheat. [wihd <Eng.]

wahnedi   n3s. offspring.

wahnmeimei   n. the name of one of the rear doors of a feasthouse, located on the left when facing the platform, used only by the Nahnmwarki.

wahnmwahng   1. n. the paternal clan of either one's mother or father. 2. vi. to be related in this way. wahnmwahngih, vt.

wahnmwahngih   vt. see wahnmwahng.

wahnpei   n. pumice.

wahnpoaron   n. apostle; minister, one authorized to perform the sacraments.

wahnpwur   n. fruit.

wahnpwuro   n. original sin.

wanded   n. prostitute. [Eng. wanted]

wahntal   n. plant spp., Mucuna gigantea, Canavalia rosea, and Strongylodon lucidus.

wahntuhke₁   n. fruit, flower, vegetable.

wahntuhke₂   1. n. arithmetic, mathematics. 2. vi. to calculate. wahntuhkeih, vt.

wahntuhke toantoal, also ekpland, nasupi, pringihnas.   n. eggplant, Solanum melongena.

wahntuhkeih   vt. to calculate. wahntuhke₂, vi.

wanwehi   1. slang. n. a container of food used as a contribution to a party, when there is no expectation that the container will be returned; the name of a party in which such containers are used; one-way street. 2. vi. of a container (typically a basin), to be used as a wanwehi. [Eng. one way]

wangawang   adj. wide, of an opening, road, or channel.

wap   n. wharf, dock. [Eng.]

wahpaili, also oangoahng₂, wahpali.   n. seaside bean, Vigna marina.

wahpali   n. see wahpaili.

wapang   vi. to lie₂ crosswise.

Wapar   n. a section (kousapw) in Madolenihmw.

wapwel   vi. to be balled out, of a plant. wapwelih, vt.

wapwelih   vt. to ball out (a plant). wapwel, vi.

war₁   n. (3sg. were) body, of a person; seed, tumor, cyst, gland.

war₂   adj. worthy, deserving.

wahr   n. (3sg. were) canoe, vehicle, means of transportation; vessel; spirit medium₁. cf. [meing] tehnwar, keleng.

wahr pei sakar   interj. a greeting used by the occupants of an arriving canoe.

waraileng   n. a basket containing cooked pork or a starch for the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken.

warakih   vt. to be a companion of; to associate with. werek, vi.

waralap   n. a work canoe, used for hauling.

waramwahu   adj. of coconut palms, bearing large nuts; of breadfruit, fecund.

warang   vi. to open for the purpose of a search. Sounkeseu kepweho warangpeseng arail kapangko. The baggage inspector opened their suitcases.

warahr   adj. lumpy, grainy.

wahrar   n. fish sp.

warasap   n. a decoratively carved canoe, used only by the Nahnmwarki, not commonly made on Pohnpei at present.

warawar₁   n. ditch, trench, groove.

warawar₂   vi. to own a vehicle.

waremei   n. an unpainted canoe.

warenei   n. canoe, one conisidered to be a precious object by its owner.

Wahrikidam   n. the emissary sent by Souiap to retrieve his pet bird; Wahrikidam was killed by Saumwin Kepinpil and his body formed the mountain in Kahmar in Nett.

warihmw   Biblical. n. ark.

wahriso   archaic. n. royal canoe.

warpwele   vt. to arrive at the same time. Tohnkousapwo warpwele ni nesen kousapwo; irail sounda uhmw. The people of the kousapw arrived at the kousapw feasthouse at the same time and started the uhmw.

warpwohmwahu   Biblical. n. incense, also sometimes perfume, frankincense, or myrrh.

was₁   adj. discomforting, obnoxious.

was₂   n. wristwatch. [Eng.]

wasa   n. place, point.

Wasa Lapalap   n. excellency, highness, used to address a Nahnmwarki, originally used only to address Isokelekel; he later elevated other high chiefs to the title of Nahnmwarki, such as the chiefs of Kitti and Sokehs; now commonly used in all wehi₁. Kalahngan ong Wasa Lapalap Isipaho. Thank you to his excellency Isipaho.

wasa pwongpene   vi. to become night. E saikinte wasa pwongpene ah se lelodo. Night had not yet fallen when we arrived.

wasa rahnpeseng   vi. to dawn, of the day. Wasa rahnpeseng ah se mwesel. Morning had broken when we departed.

Wasahi   n. the second ranking title in the Nahnmwarki line.

Wasahi Iso   n. the principal deity of the Dipwinluhk clan, believed to be the guardian spirit of the small islands and atolls near Pohnpei.

wasaile   meing. n. face. cf. mese.

Wasaho, also Reilap.   n. literally 'that place', an alternate name for the feared islet of Reilap where people to be punished were executed.

wasahn alu   n. aisle, sidewalk.

wasahn irekek en sehr   n. armrest of a chair.

wasahn iroir   Biblical. n. watchtower.

wasahn kalusiam, also wasahn lusiam.   n. gallows.

wasahn kansenoh   n. confessional, an enclosed stall in a Catholic church wherein people confess their sins to a priest.

wasahn keseu   n. laboratory.

wasahn kilang kisinieng   n. weather station.

wasahn lusiam, also wasahn kalusiam.   Biblical. n. gallows.

wasahn mahn   n. zoo.

wasahn nahk   n. conservation area.

wasahn netinet   n. marketplace.

wasahn pipihs   n. urinal.

wasahn pidohi   n. exit.

Wasahn Soupwur, also Wasahn Sohpwur.   n. "the place of no return", the underworld that is the location of Kahnikepir, the bridge where the souls of the dead have to sing well before being allowed to cross over to Pahsed, the Pohnpeian heaven beneath the sea.

wasahn sompihr   n. airport, airfield.

Wasahn Sohpwur   n. see Wasahn Soupwur.

wasahn doulik   Biblical. n. watchtower.

wasahn tiak wain   Biblical. n. wine press. [wain <Eng.]

wasahn wailes   n. radio station, wireless station. [wailes <Eng.]

wasapi   n. wasabi. [Jap. wasabi]

wasapwong   vi. to get dark, to become night. wasapwongih, vt.

wasapwongih   vt. of night, to descend upon. Re wie seisei lao wasapwongihdihraildi. They paddled until night descended upon them. wasapwong, vi.

wasas   vi. to stagger, to have difficulty keeping one's footing.

wahsek   adj. of a hole or an opening, to be large enough so that something may pass through it.

waser   n. washer, as for a faucet. [Eng.]

Wahsinten   n. Washington (the state). [Eng.]

Wahsinten Dih Sih   n. Washington, D. C. [Eng.]

wasmelen, also watermelen.   n. watermelon, Citrullus vulgaris. [Eng.]

wad   1. vi. of mathematics, to multiply. 2. n. multiplication, multiplication table. wadiki, vt.

wadehng   vt. to be counted among, to be included.

wahd   n. fish sp., puffer fish, possibly Liosaccus cutaneus.

wad ehu   adj. one by one, each and every, individually (inanimate).

wahda   vt. to take (something) along.

wadawad₁   1. vi. to read; to count. 2. n. numeral, number. wadek₁, vt. cf. [meing] koadoaroapwe.

wadawad₂   adj. admired; famous. wadek₂, vt.

wadek₁   vt. to read; to count. wadawad₁, vi. cf. [meing] koadoaroapwehih.

wadek₂   vt. to admire. wadawad₂, vi.

wadehng   vt. to be counted among, to be included.

wadepe   n3s. total counted, counting.

waderekerek   vi. to say something quickly; to rapidly produce sounds.

wadiki   vt. of mathematics, to multiply; to be counted among. wad, vi.

wadilik   vi. to memorize, to know by heart. wadilikih, vt.

wadilikih   vt. see wadilik.

waditik   vi. to be detailed.

wadkepwe   1. vi. to do an inventory of cultivated plants. 2. n. inventory of cultivated plants.

wadwonuhmw, also koumwei.   n. the series of feasts given when a Nahnken or Nahnmwarki visits various kousapws.

waht   vi. to bluster or storm about when angry or agitated. Pwutak sakawo wahtseli. The drunken boy stormed about.

watermelen, also wasmelen.   n. watermelon, Citrullus vulgaris. [Eng.]

wahwah   poss. cl. a possessive classifier used to characterize the relationship between a man and the children of any person he would call sister.

wawair   vi. to ring₂ resonantly, like a bell or a kava stone.

wei   interj. an exclamation of surprise.

-wei   verb. suff. there, toward you. kerep creep, kerepewei creep there, toward you.

wehi₁   n. turtle.

wehi₂   n. an autonomous paramount chiefdom; a political unit, as a municipality, district, state, country, or kingdom.

weia   vi. to laugh heartily, to howl with laughter.

wehia, also waia.   n. wire, spring. [Eng.]

weiapens   n. barbed wire. [Eng. wire fence]

weikek   1. adj. distressed, frustrated. 2. n. distress, frustration.

weikep   vi. to harvest yams.

Wein Koht, also Wehin Koht.   n. the kingdom of God. Ahlte pwoat ong Wein Koht. There is just one path to the kingdom of God.

Wehin Koht   n. see Wein Koht.

Wein Nanleng   n. Kingdom of Heaven.

Wein Pohnpei, also Weipokon en Pohnpei.   n. State of Pohnpei.

weingal   n. tree sp., an evergreen tree, Lumnitzera littorea, having hard wood, used for poles.

Weipokon en Pohnpei, also Wein Pohnpei.   n. State of Pohnpei (used in the Constitution), more commonly Wein Pohnpei.

Weipowe   n. a section (kousapw) in Nett.

weipwel   vi. to dig up soil; to dig up red clay (pwelweita) for the purpose of making red paint for a canoe.

weipwelenleng   n. vine sp.

weipwul, also wempwul.   n. tree sp., Indian mulberry, noni, Morinda citrifolia, having edible fruit (not commonly eaten on Pohnpei), used extensively in making medicine; roots used for making yellow dye; said to have been the first food on Pohnpei.

weir₁   vt. to dig, to excavate. weiweida, vi.

weir₂   vi. to race.

weirar   vi. to fish for toik.

weirek   adj. painful, agonizing, torturous.

weirin kang donas   1. n. a race which involves eating a doughnut suspended from a string. 2. vi. to run this race.

weirin kerep   1. n. a race in which the participant runs on all fours. 2. vi. to run this race.

weirin meninrahn   1. n. a race in which a number of participants straddle a pole and run together. 2. vi. to run this race.

weirin pap   1. n. a swimming race. 2. vi. to participate in a swimming race.

weirin pirene   1. n. a three-legged race. 2. vi. to run this race.

weirin sei   1. n. a canoe race, involving paddling canoes. 2. vi. to participate in such a race.

weirin serek   1. n. a canoe race, involving sailing canoes. 2. vi. to participate in such a race.

weirin daia   1. n. tire race, typically played by nude small children in the rain. 2. vi. to run this race. [daia <Eng. tire]

weirin tang   1. n. track meet. 2. vi. to participate in a track meet, to run a race.

weirin wilpahro   1. n. a wheelbarrow race. 2. vi. to run this race.

weisip, also usup.   vi. to splash water at an object, to be moistened, to be sprayed. weisipih, vt.

weisipih, also usupih.   vt. to splash water at an object, to moisten, to spray. Ohlo weisipih liho. That man splashed water at the woman. weisip, vi.

weiso   n. municipality, kingdom; traditionally only U.

weisoahn   n. an inedible variety of wild yam (palahi); used as an indicator of when to plant yams; when weisoahn begins to sprout, it is time to plant.

weid₁   n. a very high tide.

weid₂, also keid.   vi. to walk in a specific direction.

weid₃   archaic. adj. heartless, without sympathy.

weidinpar   n. high tide during the tradewind season.

weitahta   1. adj. red. 2. n. red.

weiwei, also weiweiloal.   1. n. diaper, loincloth, sanitary napkin. 2. vi. to wear a diaper, loincloth, or sanitary napkin. cf. [meing] dereklap.

weiweiloal, also weiwei.   cf. [meing] dereklap.

weiweida   vi. to be dug out, to be excavated. weir₁, vt.

wek   n. trump, in cards.

wehk   vt. to confess, to reveal, to disclose, to admit.

wehkada   vi. to admit, to confess; to reveal.

weke   vt. to drag a large log, such as the roughed-out hull of a canoe or a pole for a rafter.

wekila, also wikila.   vi. to be changed, to be transformed; to blush. wekid, wikid, vt.

wekimei   vi. to change to the breadfruit season.

wekid, also wikid.   vt. to change, to transform, to turn over. wekila, vi.

wekidedi   vt. to turn upside down; to drink an entire cup of kava.

wekidek   vi. to be turned; to turn around; to have a change of heart.

wekidekda   vi. to lie₂ on one's back.

wekidekdi   vi. to lie₂ on one's stomach.

wekidedi   vt. to turn upside down; to drink an entire cup of kava.

wekiwekin   1. n. variation. 2. adj. variable, inconsistent, changeable.

wekiwer   vi. to frequently turn food that is being cooked. wekiwere, vt.

wekiwere   vt. see wekiwer.

wehku   n. beefwood, also called ironwood, Casuarina equisetifolia.

wehkpen dihp   n. confession, in the Catholic church.

wekpeseng   vi. to be different.

wekwekin   adj. variable, inconsistent, changeable.

wel₁, also nihdwel.   vi. to molt a shell.

wel₂   num. cl. used in counting plants like bamboo which have a single root but multiple stalks. welin pehri limewel five bamboo plants.

wel-   vi. to be turned, to be flipped; to be bent back. Pelien sereko welidi. The canvas is turned down. welik, vt.

wehl pwoht   n. whale boat. [Eng.]

weleir   n. fish sp., bicolor parrotfish, Cetoscarus bicolor.

weleu   n. high tide in the morning.

welek   1. adj. having large nuts, of a cocount tree. 2. slang. adj. having a large belly.

welewel   num. eight. see wel₂.

weli   n3s. the part of the yam that was used in its propogation; a molted shell.

weliakan   num. eighty. see ehk₁.

weliakapw   vi. to be reformed; to be repentant.

weliasapw, also welsapw.   meing. vi. to be relocated to a new place.

weliel   num. eight. see el₂.

welienlit   1. n. a feast of thanksgiving given for someone recovering from a physical or mental ordeal. 2. vi. to have this feast. 1. Irail pahn wia arail welienlit. They are going to have their feast of thankgiving. 2. Irail pahn welienlit lakapw. They are having a feast of thanksgiving tomorrow. welienlitih, vt.

welienlitih   vt. to have a feast of thanksgiving given for someone recovering from a physical or mental ordeal. Peneinei welienlitih Soulik. The family had a thanksgiving feast for Soulik. welienlit, vi.

weliepe, also wiliepe.   n3s. replacement, substitute, representative, successor.

weliependok   n. an antibiotic taken orally.

welihi   num. eight. see ih₃.

welik   vt. to turn over, to flip; to bend back. wel-, vi.

welikpeseng   vt. to unfold.

welika   num. eight. see ka₂.

welikap   num. eight. see kap.

welikek   vi. to be bent, to be twisted; to wriggle. Keilen kakono welikekpene. The sides of the box were bent.

welikin   num. eight. see kin₂.

welikis   num. eight. see kis₁.

welikid   num. eight thousand.

welikpeseng   vt. to unfold. welpeseng, vi.

welimen   num. eight. see men₃.

welimwodol   num. eight. see mwodol.

welimwut   num. eight. see mwut₂.

welin uht   n. a grove of bananas.

welin nih   n. a grove of coconut palms.

welin tuhke   n. a grove of trees.

welinen   num. eighty thousand.

weliniak   n. mangrove forest.

welingoul   num. eighty. see ngoul.

welipa   num. eight. see pa₃.

welipak   num. eight. see pak₁.

welipali   num. eight. see pali.

welipar   num. eight. see par₂.

welipei   num. eight. see pei₅.

welipit   num. eight. see pit₂.

welipoar   num. eight. see poar₁.

welipwiki   num. eight hundred.

welipwidik   num. eight. see pwidik.

welipwong   num. eight. see pwong.

welipwoat   num. eight. see pwoat.

welipwuloi   num. eight. see pwuloi.

welira   num. eight. see ra.

welirar   num. eight million.

welisapw   num. eight hundred million.

welihsek   num. eighty. see eisek.

welisel   num. eight. see sel₂.

welisou   num. eight. see sou₄.

welisop   num. eight. see sop₂.

welisu   num. eight. see su.

welidep   num. eighty million.

welidip   num. eight. see dip.

welidun   num. eight. see dun.

welite   num. eight. see te.

welitumw   num. eight. see tumw.

weliwel₁   adj. bushy, full of foliage.

weliwel₂   archaic. n. fish sp., yellow fin tuna.

weluhmw   num. eight. see umw₂.

wellep   num. eight. see lep.

wellik   num. eight billion.

wellopw   num. eight hundred thousand.

welpeseng   vi. to be unfolded. welikpeseng, vt.

welsapw, also weliasapw.   meing. vi. to be relocated to a new place.

wempwul, also weipwul.   n. tree sp., Indian mulberry, noni, Morinda citrifolia, having edible fruit (not commonly eaten on Pohnpei), used extensively in making medicine; roots used for making yellow dye; said to have been the first food on Pohnpei.

wen₁   vi. to dance a Pohnpeian men's standing dance.

wen₂, also uwen.   n. residue of, after that of value has been extracted. wen mwangas coconut husks that remain after the meat has been removed; wen sakau kava that remains after the juice has been extracted.

wen-₁   vi. to lie₂, to recline. Kohla wendi meir. Go lie down and sleep.

wen-₂   n. remains, after what is wanted has been extracted.

wehn   n. a Pohnpeian men's standing dance.

Wene, also Wone.   n. a large area in southern Kitti that played an important religous role prior to the introduction of Christianity.

wenehi   num. six. see ih₃.

weneisek   num. sixty. see eisek.

weneu   num. six. see -u.

wenehk   num. sixty. see ehk₁.

weneka   num. six. see ka₂.

wenekap   num. six. see kap.

wenekin   num. six. see kin₂.

wenekis   num. six. see kis₁.

wenekid   num. six thousand.

wenehl   num. six. see el₂.

wenemen   num. six. see men₃.

wenemwodol   num. six. see mwodol.

wenemwut   num. six. see mwut₂.

wenengoul, also wenongoul.   num. sixty. see ngoul.

wenepa   num. six. see pa₃.

wenepak   num. six. see pak₁.

wenepali   num. six. see pali.

wenepar   num. six. see par₂.

wenepei   num. six. see pei₅.

wenepit   num. six. see pit₂.

wenepoar   num. six. see poar₁.

wenepwiki   num. six hundred.

wenepwidik   num. six. see pwidik.

wenepwong   num. six. see pwong.

wenepwoat   num. six. see pwoat.

wenepwuloi   n. six. see pwuloi.

wenering₁   n. dried coconut meat after the extraction of the oil.

wenering₂   formal. n. the fourth day of a funeral (after sohpai₁, the day when the death occurred), when attempts are made to cheer up the immediate family by dancing, joking, and other cheerful activities; also the day when cleaning up activities take place. cf. rahnen kamwakel.

wenesapw   num. six hundred million. see sapw₂.

wenesu   num. six. see su.

wenewei   vi. to continue on.

wenewel   num. six. see wel₂.

Wenik₁   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

Wenik₂   archaic. n. an ancient name for U.

Wenik Peidak   n. an ancient name for the eastern half of U; the place where Olosihpa and Olosohpa made their third attempt to build Nan Madol.

Wenik Peidi   n. an ancient name for Nett, which was once part of U.

wenihmw   n. door.

wenihmw en lempahntamw   n. the two doors in the rear of a feasthouse, used by the Nahnmwarki and Nahnken.

Wenihmw en Pahsed   n. the door to the underworld, below the ocean, the entrance to the first Heaven of traditional Pohnpeian religion.

wenihmwtok   n. window.

wenoumw   num. six. see umw₂.

wenongoul, also wenengoul.   num. sixty. see ngoul.

wenlep   num. six. see lep.

wenlik   num. six billion.

wenlopw   num. six hundred thousand.

wennen   num. sixty thousand.

wenpwong   adj. stupid, ignorant.

wenra   num. six. see ra.

wenrahn   adj. well-informed; understanding.

wenrar   num. six million.

wens   n. crane, the machine; winch. [Eng.]

wensapw   num. six hundred million.

wensel   n. six. see sel₂.

wensou   num. six. see sou₄.

wensop   num. six. see sop₂.

wendep   num. sixty million.

wendi   vi. to lie₂ down. cf. [meing] kipedi, mwoalepeidi, likupweridi.

wendip   num. six. see dip.

wendun   num. six. see dun.

wente   num. six. see te.

wentumw   num. six. see tumw.

wengewenge   n3s. width.

wengid   vt. to wring, to squeeze with a twisting motion. wengiweng, vi.

wengidek   adj. twisted. wengid, vt.

wengiweng   vi. to wring, to squeeze with a twisting motion. wengid, vt.

wengkid   vi. at the end of the kava ceremony, to completely extract all the liquid from a batch of kava.

wenglopwon   vi. to squeeze kava that has been set aside in anticipation of the arrival of titled guests.

wengluh   vi. to prepare the final serving of kava in a kava ritual. Kumwail wengluh. You prepare the final serving.

wengmad   vi. to squeeze kava until it is completely dried out.

wengpoar   vi. of kava, to be processed for drinking for the final time.

wepenge   vt. to lie crosswise. Lepin tuhkeho wepenge pwoaren pihlo. The log is lying across the well.

wepsaid   n. website. [Eng.]

wer₁   n. (3sg. were) neck. cf. kasang₂.

wer₂   vi. to shout, to scream, to howl, to yell, to holler. wering, vi.

wehr   n. shout, scream, howl, yell.

were   poss. cl. a possessive classifier used for vehicles. cf. [meing] tehnwere.

werei   1. adj. lasting for a long time. 2. n. duration.

werek   1. vi. to be companions; to be married. 2. n. spouse, husband or wife; companion, mate. warakih, vt.

werekleng   n. a designated seating area in a feasthouse where the wives of the Nahnmwarki and Nahnken sit.

weren uhk   vi. to fish with a net from a canoe or boat.

weren nansapw   n. automobile, car, vehicle.

weren nehu   n. prostate gland.

weren pilawa, also weren wihd.   n. grain of wheat. [pilawa <Eng. flour]

weren rais   n. a grain of rice.

weren rakied   n. pebble, a piece of gravel or crushed coral.

weren sei   n. racing canoe, one which is paddled.

weren serek   n. sailing canoe.

weren seremwei   n. one who frequently cooks food in an uhmw for the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken.

weren tuhke   n. seed.

weren weirin serek   n. racing canoe, one that is sailed.

weren wini   n. pill, one containing medicine.

weren wihd, also weren pilawa.   n. grain of wheat. [wihd <Eng.]

weren wusol   n. testicle.

werennansapw en mahwen, also kurumahn mahwen.   Biblical. n. chariot.

werer   n. sea cucumber sp.; the inner contents or intestines of the werer.

werewer   archaic. n. criticism, oppression, condemnation.

werieng   vt. to ask for a favor.

wering   vt. to shout at, to scream at, to howl at, to yell at, to holler at. wer₂, vi.

wehs   n. any hook-like implement used for pulling weeds or tree branches.

Wes Pirsinia, also Pirsinia Palikapi.   n. West Virginia. [Eng.]

wese   vt. to cut sugar cane or firewood.

weseisap   vi. to do the fine chipping required to shape the final form of the outer surface of a canoe hull.

weseiseu   vi. to cut or harvest sugar cane. Ken kohla weseiseu. Ken went to cut sugar cane.

weseituwi   vi. to collect firewood. I pahn weseituwi. I will collect firewood.

wehsel   n. ship or work whistle. [Eng.]

wesik, also wisik.   1. n. burden, load. 2. vi. to be carried.

wesik pwehl, also wisik pwehl.   1. vi. to harvest a new planting of kava, traditionally taken to the Nahnmwarki. 2. n. first harvest of a new planting of kava.

wesiken sou, also wisiken sou.   1. vi. to take food to the head of a clan (the oldest maternal uncle) and to partake in a meal with him. 2. n. the act of wesiken sou.

wesiken soulap, also wisiken soulap.   1. n. food taken to one's mother-in-law. 2. vi. to take food to one's mother-in-law.

Wesderin Iuhnion   n. Western Union. [Eng.]

wed   adj. puffed out, protruding, as of the stomach.

wehd₁, also ohd, oda, sepwikin.   n. taro sp., wild taro, also called giant taro or elephant ear taro, Alocasia macrorrhizos; considered to be a famine food, now rarely eaten; the large leaves are used to cover an uhmw and can serve as an umbrella; plant used as a medicine in treating large wounds; some believe that if it is growing on a piece of land, the land will be good for growing crops of all types.

wehd₂   vt. to rip open; to break into a house.

wedei   adj. talkative.

wedein sakau   adj. talkative while under the influence of kava.

wedeing   vt. to gather, with an adze or by hand, the chips of wood that result from the process of building a canoe.

wehder   n. weather. Wehderet sakanakan rahnwet. The weather is bad today. [Eng.]

wehder sdeisin, also wehder steisin.   n. weather station. [Eng.]

wehder steisin   n. see wehder sdeisin.

wedin neh   n3s. calf, of the leg. cf. [meing] pirenisoulap.

wehdip   1. n. a revelation of misbehavior; confession. 2. vi. to reveal misbehavior, to confess.

wet₁   vi. to turn while in motion; to change direction; to stop along the way.

wet₂   vi. neut. to eat raw (fish). wete, vt.

weht   n. bend or curve in a road or path.

wete   vt. to eat raw (fish). wet₂, vi.

wetih   slang. vt. to whip, to spank, to beat with something. weweti, vi.

wetikitik   adj. small in diameter, of holes, coconuts, or people; narrow, of an opening or gate.

wetihd   vi. to beat the decomposed husk of a green coconut in the process of making sennit.

wehwe₁   1. vi. to be understood, to be clear or distinct; to be thoroughly knowledgeable. 2. n. (3sg. wehweh) meaning, significance. cf. [meing] er.

wehwepene   vi. to be informed, to be in touch, to keep in touch. Pali koaros wehwepene. All parties are informed.

wehwe₂   n. (3sg. wehweh) opening.

weweik   1. vi. to be pulled, to be snatched, to be stretched. 2. slang. adj. attractive.

wehwepene   vi. to be informed, to be in touch, to keep in touch. Pali koaros wehwepene. All parties are informed.

weweti   vi. to be whipped, spanked, or beaten with something. wetih, vt.

wih₁   n. name of the letter w, the twentieth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /w/, a velar glide.

wih₂   n. tree spp., a generic name for both wihnsed (Barringtonia asiatica) and wihnmoar (Barringtonia racemose).

wih₃   n. (3sg. wihe) grease, fat.

wia   vt. to do; occurs as wie when used with an incorporated object or when it marks durative aspect. E wiemwangas. He made copra. E wie doadoahk. He is working. wiawi, vi.

wiahla   vt. to become, to turn into, to result in.

wiahda   vt. to build, to construct, to make; to create.

wia alu pwohng   vi. to menstruate.

wiakau   adj. wasteful, negligent; neglected, mistreated, abused. wiakawe, vt.

wiakaula   vi. to be wasted; to be neglected, to be mistreated, to be abused. Mwengehn rahnwet kan pahn wiakaula. These foods for today will be wasted. Seri soisoio wiakaula. That once cherished child is now being negected.

wiakawe   vt. to waste; to neglect, to mistreat, to abuse (a person). wiakau, adj.

wiahki   vi. to assume. I wiahki me e melahr. I assume that he died.

wiahla   vt. to become, to turn into, to result in.

wiahda   vt. to build, to construct, to make; to create. cf. [meing] koureke, kourakih.

wiawi   vi. to occur, to happen; to have sexual intercourse. wia, vt.

wie   see wia.

wiekupwur   1. meing. n. meeting, deliberation. 2. meing. vi. to meet, to deliberate. cf. tuhpene, mihting, mihding.

wielamalam   1. n. meeting, deliberation. 2. vi. to meet, to deliberate. cf. [meing] wiekupwur.

wiehni   1. n. the game of tag. 2. vi. to play tag.

wiepe   n. procedure. Ih wiepe me re kin idawehn. That is the procedure that they followed.

wiepeikid   vi. to excuse, to apologize.

wiepen kosonned   n. a legal procedure. E daur wiepen kosonned. He's following legal procedure.

wiepen nin limen Koht   Biblical. n. creation.

wiepwel   n. something that is 'part of the earth' and is dead or no longer active, either literally or figuratively. cf. [meing] iasenpwel.

wiepwella   vi. to become 'part of the earth', as when someone or something dies and turns to soil, either literally or figuratively.

wiesent   vi. to earn money. Kitail anahne wiesent ansou mwadang. We need to earn some money soon. [sent <Eng. cent]

wiesuwain   vi. to make lace that is to be attached to the bottom of a woman's slip for decoration.

wiesuwed   1. vi. to have sexual intercourse. 2. n. sexual intercourse.

wiedip   vi. to sin, to commit a serious offense.

wiewia   n. behavior, deed. Ahmw wiewia me sohte mwahu. Your behavior is not good.

Wiewia kan   Biblical. n. Acts, a book in the Kadehde Kapw (New Testament).

wihk₁   n. week. [Eng.]

wihk₂   n. wick. [Eng.]

Wihk Sarawi   n. Holy Week, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter. [wihk <Eng.]

wihkend   n. weekend. [Eng.]

wikila, also wekila.   vi. to be changed, to be transformed; to blush.

wikid, also wekid.   vt. to turn over; to change, as in opinion. wikila, vi.

wihkdei   n. weekday. [Eng.]

wil   n. will₁, the document. [Eng.]

wihl₁   n. (3sg. wile) penis, of an adult.

wihl₂   n. wheel. [Eng.]

wihla   vi. to become fat.

wilepon, also wulopon.   n. uncircumcised penis.

wiliakapw   1. vi. to replace with something new. 2. Biblical. vi. to repent. 3. n. a new replacement.

wiliali   vi. to exchange; to be changed, to be substituted, to be replaced. wilian, vt.

wilian   vt. to change, to substitute, to replace, to represent; to be the heir of. wiliali, vi.

wilianter   n. bush sp.

wilie   n3s. substitute, successor.

wiliepe, also weliepe.   n3s. replacement, substitute, representative, successor.

wiliependok   n. antibiotic.

wilpahro   n. wheelbarrow. [Eng.]

wihlsehr   n. wheelchair. [Eng.]

wihn₁   n. (3sg. wine, wune) body hair, feathers, fur, scales.

wihn₂   1. vi. to win; to profit. 2. n. profit. [Eng.]

wihn Pohnpei, also wihnmoar, wihnmoar pwetepwet.   n. tree sp., Barringtonia racemose, commonly found growing inland.

winaun, also wunaun.   adj. hairy, furry.

winakanak   adj. wet and matted, of hair.

winan   adj. hairy.

winahni, also wunahni.   1. vi. to cast a spell, to perform magic. 2. n. spell, magic, incantation.

winahnih, also wunahnih.   vt. to cast a spell on. I masak ohlo pwe e kak winahniehdi. I am afraid of that man because he can cast a spell on me.

winapwehk, also wunapwehk.   slang. adj. of bodily coverings, soaking wet.

winen kihl   n. (3sg. winen kili ) body hair. cf. [meing] inen ihrekiso.

winen pahnpeh   n3s. armpit hair. cf. [meing] winen pahnpwoal.

winen pahnpwoal   meing. n3s. armpit hair. cf. winen pahnpeh.

winen sendilap   n. (3sg. winen sendilepe) hair of the big toe. cf. [meing] likaupenleng, kapwilida.

winen sihpw   Biblical. n. wool. [sihpw <Eng. sheep]

wini   1. n. herbal medicine; any potion or article intended to have a medical or magical function. 2. vi. to apply medicine. winie, vt. cf. [meing] sawaidenleng.

wini en kamandehdo   n. medicine to make someone feel safe when he or she is afraid to remain at home because of threatening conditions. Kiheng kene wini en kamandehdo pwe en pwurodo. Provide him/her medicine to feel safe to return.

wini en kamwakel   n. a plant used as a medicine to cleanse the body, or wounds, or as a laxative.

wini en ketiket   n. anesthetic.

wini en koaloalamwahu   n. a medicine used to reduce stress or unhappiness.

wini en loh   n. a medicine used to treat someone choking on a fish bone.

wini en luwak   n. a medicine used either to cause or to cure jealousy.

wini en nan aumweredi   n. a medicine used to treat thrush, a rash that appears in the mouths of children that prevents them from eating or drinking.

wini en neitik   n. a medicine used within four days after the delivery of a baby to cleanse the womb and to prevent medical complications that might result from the delivery.

wini en pohnpei   n. traditional medicine, medicine that employs herbs or magic.

wini en pwuksoar   n. a kind of magic that will make a dancing group appear oustanding during a performance.

wini en sarwel   n. a medicine given to a child made ill by a winahni, to help determine what kind of illness the child has.

wini en silasil   n. a medicine used to protect someone from magic, love potions, poisons, etc.

wini en sokolei   n. a medicine use to treat soumwahu en sokolei.

wini en dokala   n. a medicine used to treat the sting of a stonefish (nehu₁), typically caused by stepping on its spines.

wini en waii   n. foreign medicine.

wini en widengi   n. toothpaste.

winie   vt. to medicate; to treat with medicine. wini, vi.

wihnmoar, also wihnmoar pwetepwet, wihn Pohnpei.   n. tree sp., Barringtonia racemose, commonly found growing inland.

wihnmoar pwetepwet   n. see wihnmoar.

wihnsed   n. tree sp., Barringtonia asiatica, commonly found growing near the ocean.

wirenna, also uhr₁, urenna.   n. spiny lobster, Panulirus spp.

wisekesek, also wusekesek.   adj. wet.

wisik, also wesik.   1. n. burden, load. 2. vi. to be carried.

wisik pwehl, also wesik pwehl.   1. vi. to harvest a new planting of kava, traditionally taken to the Nahnmwarki. 2. n. first harvest of a new planting of kava.

wisiken sou, also wesiken sou.   1. vi. to take food to the head of a clan (the oldest maternal uncle) and to partake in a meal with him. 2. n. the act of wisiken sou.

wisiken soulap, also wesiken soulap.   1. n. food taken to one's mother-in-law. 2. vi. to take food to one's mother-in-law.

wisikilek   vi. to run an errand. Pwutaken wisikilek. That boy ran an errand.

wiski   n. whiskey. [Eng.]

Wiskonsin   n. Wisconsin. [Eng.]

wihd   n. wheat.

wideh, also widene.   vi. to wash one's feet.

widei   n. fish sp.

wideud   vi. to be washed, of anything except clothing. widen, vt.

widek   vi. to be poured; to be spilled. wideki, vt.

wideki   vt. to pour; to spill. widek, vi.

widen   vt. to wash, of anything except clothing. wideud, vi.

widene, also wideh.   vi. to wash one's feet.

widenmell   meing. adj. having a tickling effect, arousing. cf. kararan.

widengi, also wudengi.   vi. to brush one's teeth.

wider en pohn mad   n. fish sp. a kind of grouper.

widing   1. vi. to deceive, to lie₁, to defraud. 2. n. deception, lie₁, fraud. widinge, vt.

widinge   vt. to deceive, to lie₁ to, to defraud. widing, vi.

widingek   adj. deceitful, fraudulent.

widipe, also udipe.   n. footstool.

widir   n. fish sp., camouflage grouper, Epinephelus polyphekadion.

widiroah   vt. to withdraw, of money from an account. [Eng.]

wihwi   n. fish sp., a type of unicornfish.

wounkerehlap   n. a seating area in a feasthouse located in front of the kienwounken.

wounkerehleng   n. front platform of a feasthouse.

wounmei   n. a door in the rear of a feasthouse used by the Nahnmwarki.

wok, also pok.   vi. to be hit with an object; to take one's turn at bat, in baseball.

wokidi   1. n. drop off, precipice, cliff, outer edge of the barrier reef. 2. adj. precipitous, sheer, of a dropoff.

Wone, also Wene.   n. a large area in southern Kitti that played an important religous role prior to the introduction of Christianity.

wohnohn   vi. to lie₂ down.

wonowei   vi. to strive onward.

wonuhmw   n. cookhouse that contains an uhmw. cf. [meing] pahdak.

wonla   vi. to proceed forward.

wonpwong   adj. dull, stupid, ignorant.

wowoki, also popoki.   vi. to be whipped, to be beaten, to be spanked. woakih, vt.

woakih, also poakih.   vt. to whip, to beat, to spank. wowoki, vi.

woahkian   adj. bearing much, productive, more than adequate.

woakida   vi. to look up to and listen attentively, as of people in a feasthouse.

woakidi   vi. to be knocked out.

wulekens   1. adj. diseased, of a penis. 2. n. diseased penis.

wulopon, also wilepon.   n. uncircumcised penis.

wunaun, also winaun.   adj. hairy, furry.

wunahni, also winahni.   1. vi. to cast a spell, to perform magic. 2. n. spell, magic, incantation.

wunahnih, also winahnih.   n. to cast a spell on.

wunapwehk, also winapwehk.   slang. adj. of bodily coverings, soaking wet.

wurak, also urak₃.   meing. vt. to drink; to accept atonement, as part of a tohmw ceremony. cf. nim.

wusekesek, also wisekesek.   adj. wet.

wusol, also usol.   n. (3sg. wusole) scrotum; baby boy.

wusol en kuloak, also usol en kuloak.   n. pendulum of a clock. [kuloak <Eng.]

wusolendong, also usolendong.   n. the starchy growth found near decaying dohng trees, formerly exported to Japan where it was used in the manufacture of drugs.

wusolmat₁, also usolmat₁.   1. n. mature male pig; a derogatory term for filariasis. 2. interj. an insult.

wusolmat₂, also usolmat₂, masikisik.   n. Siam weed, Chromolaena odorata, considered a noxious weed.

wusolpali, also usolpali.   n. a man or pig having only one testicle.

wusoar, also usoar.   vi. to apply oil or lotion to one's hair or skin.

wudengi, also widengi.   vt. to brush one's teeth.

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