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pwa    pwe    pwi    pwo    pwoa    pwu    

pwa₁   sent. adv. really, indeed; used to signal emphasis. Ke paii pwa! You are really fortunate!

pwa₂   archaic. vi. to say. Me ese nek kainene, pwe piraki me I pwahpwa. Let someone who knows correct my story, for mine is not accurate.

pwai   n. pearl oyster.

pwaieke   n. shellfish sp.

pwaiemei   n. wooden implement for splitting breadfruit.

pwaii   n. a wedge made of hard wood that is used to split breadfruit as they are placed in a uhmw. cf. [meing] souwen uhmw.

pwaik   vt. to split. I pahn pwaik ahi tuhkehn tuwi. I will split my wood for firewood. pwepweik, vi.

pwail   1. n. file₂. 2. vi. neut. to file. [Eng.] pwaile, vt.

pwaile   vt. see pwail.

pwailet   n. pilot. [Eng.]

pwain   vt. to buy, to pay, to hire. pweipwei₂, vi.

pwaindi   vt. to cover. pweipweidi, vi.

pwaindi takaien   interj. a command given by the director of a feast to place a piece of kava on the stone used for the Nahnmwarki, given immediately after the stone is placed in position for use (if the action has not already taken place).

pwais   n. (3sg. pweise) responsibility, assignment; share of food, reward; task.

pwaisikel   1. n. bicycle. 2. vi. to ride a bicycle. [Eng.]

pwahu   archaic. n. long pole.

pwakan   slang. adj. perfect, just right.

pwakanakan   adj. muddy, sloppy.

pwake   archaic. n. pinkish oyster shell, used for decorative purposes, as on a dohr, pendant.

pwakel₁   interj. What a knockout!, said of someone or something exceptional.

pwakel₂   n. belt buckle. [Eng.]

pwaked₁   n. plant sp., Procris pedunculata.

pwaked₂   n. (3sg. pwakede) spleen.

pwakih   vt. to chase. pwepweki, vi.

pwakihdi   vt. to catch up to, to chase down, to overtake.

pwal   1. vi. to be slit, to be cut open; to be operated on; to be divided. 2. n. surgery; medical operation, in which the body cavity is entered. pwalang₁, vt.

pwahl   n. crack.

pwahlahl   n. fish sp., humpback snapper, Lutjanus gibbus.

pwalang₁   vt. to slit, to cut open; to operate on; to divide; to shatter, as glass. pwal, vi.

pwalang₂   n. (3sg. pwelenge) ridge area of a house or land. Arail ngkedo lelehr ni pwalango. Their thatching has reached the ridge of the roof.

pwalapwal   slang. n. (3sg. pwelepwele) crack; vagina; incision.

pwalasapw   1. vi. to divide land. 2. n. division of land.

pwalek   meing. n. (3sg. pwaleke) buttocks; bottom. cf. kahu.

pwalikino   n. volcano. [Eng.]

pwallap   1. vi. to be divided into large areas or pieces. 2. n. region, large area of land; either the prime meridian or the equator.

pwaltik   1. vi. to be divided up into small areas or pieces. 2. n. the latitudinal and longitudinal lines on a map.

Pwanuadu   n. Vanuatu. [Eng.]

pwanuadu   n. a yam cultivar fron Vanuatu.

pwand   adj. late, slow.

pwang   1. adj. tired, lazy. 2. n. fatigue. kapwanga, vt. cf. [meing] ngir.

pwangahki   vt. to be tired of, to be disinterested in, to be bored by.

pwangala   adv. anxiously, earnestly. Se pwangala awih kumwail. We anxiously awaited you.

pwangih   vt. to make a sexual overture, to flirt with. pwengipweng, vi. cf. [meing] poulangih.

Pwahpwahlik   archaic. n. a name given by the Saudeleur to what is now called Sokehs.

pwar   vt. to appear; to show up; to go through; to pass, in a race.

pwahr   n. hole, for planting yams; a yam planting.

pwarapwar   n. ridge cap.

pwarek   vt. to visit someone who is confined, as in prison or because of illness. Se pwarek ohl soumwahuo nan imwen winio. We visited the sick man at the hospital. cf. [meing] tielangih, tielenge, tuhneinihr.

pwarer   n. well₁, spring (of water).

pwahrih   vt. to dig a hole for a yam; to poke.

pwarosohs   vi. to manifest itself, of a ghost.

pwahd   meing. n. a food basket made from a palm frond. cf. kiam.

pwahda   1. archaic. vi., vt. to reveal; to bring to light₁. 2. archaic. n. revelation. 1. sakau en pwahda a sakau to initiate conversation.

pwadai   n3s. see pwadaiki.

pwadaiki, also pwadai.   n3s. tail.

pwadaidai   adj. having a long tail.

pwadek   vi. to suppose, to surmise. I pwadek ke iang. I suppose you will come along.

pwadik₁   vt. to retrieve from a hole with one's hand, to reach or stick a hand into a hole; to gag oneself with one's finger; to grab at a woman's vagina. pwedipwed, vi.

pwadik₂   vt. to add water to pounded kava. pwed₂, vi.

pwaht   n. food basket; a food basket containing pounded breadfruit (lihli).

pwatemei   1. meing. n. the first feast of the breadfruit season; eleven baked maikol are arranged in a basket and presented to the Nahnmwarki who takes four ritual bites of a fruit; eight fruits are presented to other chiefs; this feast marks the opening of the breadfruit season. 2. meing. vi. to have this feast. 1. Irail pahn wia arail pwatemei Rahn Kaunopet. They will conduct their first feast of the breadfruit season this Saturday. 2. Irail pwatemeier. They have already done their first feast of the breadfruit season. cf. kehmei.

pwaten, also pwatin.   n. button. [Eng.]

pwati   n. putty. [Eng.]

pwahtiet   adj. active, peppy.

pwatin, also pwaten.   n. button. [Eng.]

pwe₁   conj. because, since, but, so that. E sohte kohla laid pwe e soumwahu. He didn't go fishing because he was sick.

pwe₂   n. fern sp., Nephrolepis obliterata.

pweh   n. divination, spell, magical rite.

pwei   adj. successful; hardy, of crops and domesticated animals.

pweida   vi. to be successful, to flourish; to grow; to come true.

pweiek   vi. to move backwards; to backslide; to stop suddenly.

pweiekidi   meing. vi. to stay overnight, to go to bed, to bed down. cf. pweidi.

pweikoar   n. name of the fourth of the four giant taro (sepwikin) leaves used to cover the ground surrounding the kava stones from which the Nahnmwarki and Nahnken are served; the generic name of all such leaves.

pweikoaridi   vi. to be laid out, of the giant taro (sepwikin) leaves used to cover the ground surrounding the kava stones in a feasthouse.

pweikoarehdi   vt. to lay out the giant taro (sepwikin) leaves used to cover the ground surrounding the kava stones in a feasthouse. pweikoaridi, vi.

pweikoaridi   vi. to be laid out, of the giant taro (sepwikin) leaves used to cover the ground surrounding the kava stones in a feasthouse. pweikoarehdi, vt.

pweiktuwi   vi. to split wood for firewood. I pweiktuwi aio. I split wood for firewood yesterday.

pweilaud   adj. expensive, costly.

pweileng, also pweipweileng.   meing. n. (3sg. pweilengihr) fingernail. pweilengihr your fingernail. cf. kikin peh.

pweinaper   n. pineapple, Ananas comosus. [Eng.]

pweine₁   n3s. cost, price, bill.

pweine₂   n3s. lid, cover.

pweinen isek, also pinepen isek.   n. traditionally a stopper for a water container, now also a lid or a cap. cf. [meing] ihrpweilap.

pweinen kehpki   vt. to do something bad and then accuse someone else.

pweinen misihn   n. hood, of a vehicle. [misihn <Eng.]

pweinen dengkin kahs   n. gas cap. [dengk, kahs <Eng.]

pweineninta   n. something purchased with blood, sweat, and tears.

Pweipei Lapalap   n. title of the wife of a Lempwei Lapalap.

pweipwand   1. n. debt, credit, account₂, mortgage. 2. vi. to be in debt.

Pweipwei   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

pweipwei₁   adj. stupid, silly, idiotic, simple, ignorant, dumb. cf. [meing] kupwuropwon.

pweipwei₂   1. vi. to be bought; to be paid; to cost money. 2. n. cost, wage, reward. pwain, vt.

pweipwei₃   n. lid.

pweipweileng, also pweileng.   meing. n. (3sg. pweipweilengihr) fingernail. cf. kikin peh.

pweipwein meir   1. n. groggy, after waking. 2. vi. to be groggy after waking.

pweipweipwel, also pweipwel.   meing. n. (3sg. pweipweipelihr) toenail. cf. kikin neh.

pweipweidi   vi. to be covered. pwaindi, vt.

pweipwel, also pweipweipwel.   meing. n. (3sg. pweipwelihr) toenail. cf. kikin neh.

pweirek   meing. n. water container. cf. isek.

pweirengid   adj. extremely stupid, silly, idiotic, simple, dumb.

pweisaniki   vt. to be responsible for providing something or doing a task.

pweisang   vt. to release.

pweisek   1. meing. n. the first food distributed at a gathering, given to the highest titled person present; the severed right limbs of all the pigs from an uhmw, saved in food baskets (kiam), and hung up for the Nahnmwarki on the front crossbeam of the feasthouse (now not commonly done). 2. vi. to prepare this first share of food. pweisekih, vt. cf. rekidak.

pweisekih   meing. vt. Kumwail pweisekih mahs koanoaten. You should apportion the food first. see pweisek. cf. rekidakih.

pweisenwair   n. rotten egg.

pweisou   1. n. hat; sun visor made from coconut fronds, used while fishing. 2. vi. to wear a hat or a sun visor.

pweida   vi. to be successful, to flourish; to grow; to come true.

pweidi   vi. to stay overnight, to go to bed, to bed down. cf. [meing] keidpwongidi, pweiekidi, seidi.

pweitikitik   adj. inexpensive, cheap.

pwehu₁   n. fish sp., onespot snapper, Lutjanus monostigmus.

pwehu₂   n. a kind of magic used to halt an activity or to inhibit an emotion, a kind of pweh.

pweula   vi. to be canceled; to fail, of a project due to effect of pwehu₂.

pwek₁   vt. to lift, to pick up; to adopt.

pwekada   vt. to pick up a fare, of taxi drivers. I pahn pwekada Limwei kuloak siluh. I'll pick up Limwei at three o'clock.

pwek₂   adj. short of a competitor's distance, as in throwing or jumping.

pwek₃   vi. to be chased.

pwek₄   vt. to formally distribute food at a kamadipw. pwekipwek, vi.

pwehk   n. bat₁, flying fox, Pteropus molossinus.

pwekada   slang. vt. to pick up a fare, of taxi drivers. I pahn pwekada Limwei kuloak siluh. I'll pick up Limwei at three o'clock.

pwehkeleu   1. adj. cowardly. 2. n. coward.

pwekeleng   meing. n. (3sg. pwekelengihr) wrist. cf. kumwut en peh.

pwehki   conj. because; on account₁ of. Sohte nei pinsel pwehki e nekla. I have no pencil because we are out of them. Limwei sohte mwahukinira pwehki ara lehko. Limwei doesn't like them because of their selfishness.

pwekil, also kepwil.   n. (3sg. pwekeli) corner of the mouth.

pwekimwar   1. vi. to give a title. 2. n. the conveyance of a title. cf. [meing] dahmwar.

pwekipwek   1. vi. neut. to formally distribute food at a kamadipw. 2. n. the formal process of distributing food at kamadipw involving public recognition of high title holders. pwek₄, vt.

pwekid   n. pocket. [Eng.]

pwekida   interr. Why?

pwekidah   n3s. share of food formally received at a kamadipw.

pwekidi   vi. to catch up with. pwakihdi, vt.

pwekiwou   1. n. the formal verbal recitation and recognition of the highest titles at a feast (commonly the highest four) which usually takes place before the sharing and distribution of food. 2. vi. to perform this act of recognition. 1. Pwekiwou kin wiawi mwohn nehnehn koanoat. The recital always takes place before the distribution of food. 2. Ihs me pahn pwekiwou? Who will do the recitation?

pwekiwowih   vt. see pwekiwou.

pwekmwomw   1. vi. to fish by chasing fish on to a shallow reef and then spearing them. 2. n. the name of this kind of fishing.

pwekpwihk   1. vi. to hunt for wild pigs. 2. n. the name of this activity.

pwekriari   n. obscene insult between brothers or close relatives.

pweksakasak   archaic. n. a food exchange in association with a marriage.

pweksapw   vi. to utter obscenities, to swear. Serepeino pweksapwehng pwutako. The girl swore at the boy.

pweksoar   1. n. a charm that attracts or fascinates people. 2. vi. to make such a charm. 1. En ohlo pweksoaro lipwan The man's charm is effective. 2. I ese me liho pweksoar. I know that the woman made a charm. pweksoare, vt.

pweksoare   vt. to make a charm for someone. Mie me pweksoare ohlo. Someone made charm for that man. pweksoar, vi.

pwektie   1. vi. to hunt for deer. 2. n. the name of this activity.

pwehl₁   n. dirt, soil, earth, ground.

pwehl₂   n. a generic term for first cup of kava during a kava ritual.

pwelel   1. adj. infancy. 2. n. infant.

pweleng, also pwalang₂.   n. ridge area of a house or land.

pwelengen nahna, also pedlepen nahna.   n. mountain ridge.

pwelih   vt. to drink the first cup of kava.

pwelik   archaic. vt. to sever or cut off; to delegate responsibility, to commission; to deputize. Ohlo pwelikala Enihlap. The man severed the branches from the largest kava plant.

Pweliko   n. the Pohnpeian hell, a dark, dirty pit that the dead fall into if they are unable to sing well while crossing the bridge to the underworld.

pwelin koanoat   meing. n. except in Madolenihmw, the first cup of kava served to the Nahnmwarki during a kava ritual. Patohwandahdo pwelin koanoat. Bring forward the first cup of kava. see pwelin wahu. cf. pwelin sakau.

pwelin sakau   n. the first cup of kava, offered to the section chief. Patohwandahdo pwelin sakau. Bring forward the first cup of kava. cf. [meing] pwelin koanoat, pwelin wahu.

pwelipar   1. n. dust. 2. adj. dusty.

pwelipwel   adj. dirty, soiled.

pwelidak, also pwilidak.   adj. native, aboriginal, indigenous.

pwelidakala, also pwilidakala.     vi. to be naturalized as a citizen.

pwelmatak   1. n. mud. 2. adj. muddy.

pwelmwahu   adj. fertile, of the soil.

pweltoal   n. black soil.

pwelweita   n. red clay; can be mixed with the inner core of the ais₁ fruit to make red paint for canoes.

pwenieu   n. (3sg. pweniewi) food for the wives of all koanoat title holders.

pwenik, also pwinik.   vt. to select or choose from a group of animate beings, to pick out an animal.

pwendeke, also ipwadeke.   sent. adv. Is it correct to assume that…? It was thought that..., It was said that.... Pwendeke kowe me pahn kapahreko. It was said that you will give a speech.

pwengili   vi. to flirt with a woman. cf. [meing] poulang.

pwengipweng   1. n. flirtation, sexual overture. 2. vi. to flirt, to make a sexual overture. pwangih, vt. cf. [meing] poulang.

pwengk   vi. of water, to bubble up from the ground, as a spring. Pihlo pwengkida. The water bubbled up.

pwengkin   n. pumpkin; squash; Cucurbita maxima and Cucurbita pepo; one who has an unfaithful spouse. [Eng.]

pwengwol   vi. to court a man.

pwepweik   vi. to be split. pwaik, vt.

pwepweki   1. vi. to chase one another. 2. n. chase. pwakih, vt.

pwepwengi   vi. to be well matched in a competitive endeavor.

pwer   vi. to peek; to blossom, of fruit trees. Ohlo pwerdo nan wenihmwo. The man peeked into the door.

pwere₁   vt. to take a drink and hold it in the mouth without swallowing.

pwere₂   n3s. pubis. cf. [meing] sounpwoapw₂.

pwereht   n. ship biscuit, hardtack. [Eng. bread]

pwerieng   vt. to tolerate, to stand, to endure. Liho kak pwerieng ohl. That woman can tolerate men.

pwerik   1. archaic. vi. to dance. 2. n. dance.

pwerila   vi. to be infatuated, to be fascinated by someone or something new. Ohlo pwerla. The man is infatuated.

pwerimwengki   see pwerinmwengki.

pweriniak   n. hole, for planting yams; a yam planting.

pwerinmwengki, also pwerimwengki.   vi. to plant a yam in a shallow hole.

pwerinmwomw   n. fish sp., rabbitfish, normally found on fringing reefs, lagoon and patch reefs, and the barrier reef.

pwerisek   1. adj. industrious, hard working. 2. n. industriousness. 1. Pwerisek mehkot mwahu. Industriousness is a good thing.

pwerus en uhmw   meing. n. a pair of split hibiscus sticks used for lifting hot stones off an uhmw. cf. tihpw₁.

pwerkihla   vt. to be infatuated with. Pwutako pwerkihla serepeino. The young man is in love with that young lady. pwerla₂, vi.

pwerkidipw   n. fish sp.

pwerla₁   vi. to flower, to blossom. Ahi mahi ko pwerpwerla. My breadfruit trees are flowering.

pwerla₂   vi. to be infatuated. Serepein en mwomwen pwerla. That girl appears to be infatuated. pwerkihla, vt.

pwerkihla   vt. to be infatuated with. Pwutako pwerkihla serepeino. The young man is in love with that young lady.

pwes   vi. to have sexual intercourse, to engage in coitus.

pwehs   n. sexual intercourse.

pwesou, also pwosou.   n. a deep pocket in a net, formed as a consequence of the way the net is set, or, in the style of the Kapingamarangi; a separate net attached to other nets to form such a pocket.

pwed₁   adj. fast₁ growing.

pwed₂   vi. to add water to pounded kava. pwadik₂, vt.

pwed-   vi. to go through an entrance or opening. Lapwedo pwedilong nan pwoahro. The eel went into the hole.

pwehd   n. (3sg. pwede) labia minora. cf. [meing] alaultik, irpweitik.

pwehda   interr. why.

pwehde   conj. since. Serio pahn iang pwaralahng ohl, pwehde ih me ohlo nainikihla. That child will visit the man, since he is the one that the man adopted.

pwedehk, also pwidihk.   vi. to make a squeaking noise.

pwederei   vulgar. n. long labia minora.

pwedi   n. putty, caulk, calk. [Eng.]

pwedila   vi. to be lucky.

pwedimwomw   1. vi. to fish by reaching in and catching fish in coral holes. 2. n. the name of this method of fishing.

pwedipwed   vi. to be retrieved from a hole with one's hand, to be gagged by one's finger; to be grabbed at, of a woman's vagina. pwadik₁, vt.

pwet₁   n. light colored scar.

pwet₂   vi. to flower, of mango trees.

pweht₁   n. lime₁, made from coral.

pweht₂   n. tortoise shell.

pwete   n. butter. [Eng.]

pweten mahlupwur   n. an unknown treasure kept secret by a family, such as the artifact secured by Satokawai in his quest for the feather of Derepeiso.

pwetenleng   n. sky.

pwetepwet   1. adj. white. 2. n. gray hair.

pwewih   vt. to employ a kind of magic used to halt an activity or to inhibit an emotion. Mie me pwewihedi arail doadoahko. Someone prevented their work from taking place.

pwi   archaic. num. some, several.

pwih   n. name of the digraph pw, the fifteenth letter of the Pohnpeian alphabet, used to represent the phoneme /pw/, a labialized and velarized bilabial stop.

pwihk   n. pig, swine, pork, Sus scrofa. [Eng.]

pwikidikinai   adj. teeny-tiny.

pwil₁   vt. to put down; to put aside, of one's beliefs or emotions. pwilidi, vi.

pwil₂   vi. to flow; to rise or flood, of a stream. Lapakeho pwilidihdo kehlail. The flood flowed down here forcefully.

pwihl   n. (3sg. pwili) gum, of a tree.

pwilahk-   slang. vi. to impolitely command someone to do something. Pwilahkala! Get out of here! pwilahkala get out of here.

pwilahken, also pwilahkin.   slang. adv. immediately. Pwilahken madangodo! Hurry up and come here immediately!

pwilahkin   adv. see pwilahken.

pwilel   n. calabash, gourd.

pwihleng   meing. n. drinking coconut. cf. uhpw.

pwili   n. cowry shell; any species of sea shell; cowry shells are commonly notched, sharpened, and used as breadfruit peelers.

pwilih   vt. to always go with, to always tag along; to be attached to, to adhere to. Serio pwilih ah pahpaho. The child always goes with his father.

pwiliet   n. bird sp., Micronesian honeyeater, Myzomela rubratra.

pwilikihsang   vt. to have permission from. Liho pwilikihsang ah pwoudo me e pahn iang sakau. The woman had permission from her husband to join the drinking of sakau.

pwilipeipei   meing. n3s. long hair of a woman.

pwilipwil   adj. sticky.

pwilis   n. chewing gum.

pwilisang   vi. to come from; to originate from, of a person.

pwilidak, also pwelidak.   adj. native, aboriginal, indigenous.

pwilidakala, also pwelidakala.     vi. to be naturalized as a citizen.

pwilidi   vi. to be put down; to be put aside, of one's beliefs or emotions; to make regular payments or deposits. pwil₁, vt.

pwihn   n. group, team, grade level; used by the Madolenihmw government for a political division consisting of a number of kousapws.

pwinan, also pwunan.   1. n. rheum, sleep, the crust around the eyes formed during sleep. 2. vi. to have sleep in one's eyes. cf. [meing] moahrokenleng.

pwihnen apwahpwalih   n. board of directors.

pwihnen kaiahn   n. training group, kindergarten, Head Start program.

pwihnen kahlek   n. traditional dance group.

pwihnen koukosonned   n. legislature.

pwinik   vt. to select or choose from a group of animate beings, to pick out an animal.

pwinimas   adj. greedy, always wanting the biggest or the best.

pwiningining   adj. miniscule, minute₁, extremely tiny.

pwirar   vi. to make a splattering noise.

pwise   n. (3sg. pwiseh) feces, dung; internal organs or guts of smaller animals and fish; genitals of an infant girl.

pwisehn karapahu   n. bush sp. [karapahu <Spa. carabao]

pwisehn ketipin   n. algae.

pwisehn kou   n. bush sp., Ageratum conyzoides or Synedrella nodiflora. [kou <Eng.]

Pwisehn Malek   n. Chicken Shit Mountain, located on the border between Sokehs and Kitti.

pwisik   vt. to pry out, to pry off, as a nail or bottle cap.

pwisinger   adj. cross or tough, of a person.

pwidik   num. cl. a numeral classifier used in counting bits of, small pieces of, or fragments of. silipwidik three bits isipwidik seven fragments.

pwidihk, also pwedehk.   vi. to make a squeaking noise.

pwidikanakan   1. adj. mushy, greasy. 2. n. mush, grease.

pwidikinai   adj. miniscule, minute₁, extremely tiny.

pwidikidik   slang. adj. tiny, small, little.

pwidingai   slang. adj. restless, said of one who cannot sit still.

pwidingeu   adj. roguish, reckless, from the name of the ghost called Pwidingeu.

Pwidingeu   a ghost, said to live in Awak, who makes his presence known by passing gas.

pwoh   n. (3sg. pwowe) smell, odor, aroma, scent.

pwohem   n. poem. [Eng.]

pwoediri   n. poetry. [Eng.]

pwohi   n. buoy. [Eng.]

pwoiken tehniep   meing. adj. feeling cold, cool, chilly. cf. pou.

pwoindoppiu   n. point of view. [Eng. point of view]

pwoisin   n. poison; acid. [Eng.]

pwoiskaud   n. boy scout. [Eng.]

pwou   n. fishing pole.

pwoula   1. meing. vi. to die (of a Nahnmwarki). 2. n. death; corpse; funeral, wake (of a Nahnmwarki). cf. mehla.

pwouleng   meing. n. stick used for spreading stones in a uhmw. cf. dih₂.

pwounleng   meing. n. pole for picking breadfruit, typically made of keleu or ketieu₂, less often of bamboo. cf. piled.

Pwoungapwung   n. name of the place where the last Saudeleur was defeated in battle.

pwourda   vi. to get up, to get out of bed. cf. [meing] likupwerada, kipada.

pwoud   n. spouse, husband or wife. cf. [meing] pwutuhn.

Pwoud Lepen Nett   1. n. title of the Nahnmwarki of Nett. 2. vi. to hold this title.

Pwoud Lepen Palikir   n. the ruler of Palikir, a large area in southern Sokehs that, as a political entity, predated the era of the rule of the Nahnmwarkis.

pwoudiki   vt. <marry> to be married to. pwopwoud, vi.

Pwoudo   n. an alternative title for titles that begin with Lepen, associated with the ruler of a large chiefdom.

Pwoudoko   n. your highness, when addressing anyone whose title begins with Pwoud.

Pwok   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

pwohk   n. fork, the eating utensil. [Eng.]

pwohkungo   n. man-made cave, air-raid shelter. [Jap. bōkūgō]

pwohl   n. bowl. [Eng.]

pwohlap   adj. smelly.

pwolismahsda, also pilismahsda.   n. policeman. [Eng. police master]

pwolol   1. vi. to bubble. 2. n. bubble.

pwolkeno   n. volcano. [Eng.]

pwomakirant   n. bush sp.

pwohmakraneid   Biblical. n. pomegranate. [Eng.]

pwohmaria   n. plumeria, Plumeria rubra.

pwohmat   interj. You stink!, a derogatory exclamation used principally by women.

pwohmwahu   adj. fragrant. cf. [meing] inedingleng, ipwerek₂.

pwompwomw   n. bitter melon, Momordica charantia; passion fruit, Passiflora edulis and Passiflora foetida, var. hispida.

pwon   adj. whole, entire, intact.

pwohn kent   vulgar. interj. Smells like urine!

pwohn kirek   vulgar. interj. Smells like smegma!

pwohn kisinpwil, also tuhkehn kisinpwil, tuhkehn pwohn kisinpwil, tuhkehn pwohn kisinpwil kerengireng.   n. plant sp., Polygala paniculata.

pwohn sing   vulgar. interj. Smells like a fart!

pwohn dawang   vulgar. interj. Smells like an underarm!

pwone   n3s. hip.

pwonopwon   1. adj. round, circular. 2. n. circle.

pwonopwoniki   vt. to find something confusing, difficult to understand, or mysterious, to be uncertain about. Liho pwonopwonki dahme wiewiawi. The woman is confused about what is going on.

pwonkalaimwun   1. n. pubis. 2. adj. having a large pubis.

pwong   num. cl. used in counting nights. pwohng silipwong three nights.

pwohng   n. night. cf. [meing] pahnkopwul.

pwohng koadoangoul   n. the tenth night after a death (counting from sohpai₁), when the family hosts a farewell party in honor of the deceased for those who have travelled a long distance to attend the funeral.

pwohngelingel   adj. stinky, having a foul smell.

pwongih, also pwungih₁.   vt. to worship, to adore. cf. [meing] kaudoke.

pwongiedi   vi. to have darkness descend upon one before reaching one's destination.

Pwonginsapw   n. the annual ritual of supplication and thanksgiving as part of the worship of the land, with an emphasis on the worship of inanimate objects.

pwongitik   meing. vi. to be hungry. cf. menmwenge.

Pwonglapalap   n. the great ritual performed at Nan Madol in which the stomach of a sea turtle was fed to an eel known as Nahn Samwohl, the embodiment of Nahnisohnsapw.

pwohpelipel   adj. tasty smelling.

pwopwe   n3s. shoulder. cf. [meing] apara₁, aparahr, apere.

pwohpwo₁   n. baby girl.

pwohpwo₂   adj. strong smelling, stinking.

pwopwoud   1. n. married couple. 2. vi. to be married. pwoudiki, vt. cf. [meing] pwoton.

pwopwot, also pwupwut.   vi. to be happy or content with each other; to flirt with each other.

pwopwotih   vt. to be happy or content (with someone); to flirt with.

pwopwsalahd   n. a banana cultivar.

pwohr   n. carton of cigarettes. [Jap. bōru : carton (archaic meaning)]

pworou   vi. to be wet under the arms from sweat, or in the crotch from urine or sweat.

pworu, also pwoaru.   n. red crab, Geocarcordea natalis.

pwohrkuloak   n. ornamental plant sp., Mirabilis jalapa.

pwohs   n. boss. [Eng.]

pwohsensen   adj. moldy smelling.

pwosou   n. a deep pocket in a net, formed as a consequence of the way the net is set, in the style of the Kapingamarangi; a separate net attached to other nets to form such a pocket.

pwoson   1. n. faith, belief, creed. 2. vt. to believe in, to have faith in.

pwosonsuwed   1. adj. believing in false idols. 2. n. belief in false idols.

pwohsdo   n. post office. [Jap. posuto < Eng.]

pwohdaka   1. n. pole vaulting. 2. vi. to pole vault. [Jap. bōtaka]

pwoht₁   n. boat. [Eng.]

pwoht₂   n. bobbin, of a sewing machine.

pwoht₃   vi. to lose, in the card game pilein epwiki.

pwoht₄   n. board, as in school board, board of directors. [Eng. board]

pwoht kisiniei   n. steamboat.

pwohtik   adj. fragrant. cf. [meing] inedingleng, ipwerek.

Pwohtiki   n. Portugal.

pwoton   1. meing. n. married couple. 2. meing. vi. to be married. cf. pwopwoud.

pwoaik   n. dew; moisture.

pwoaikenleng   n. water that has collected on taro leaves as a result of condensation, believed to have a magical healing power.

pwoaikentehine   meing. adj. cold, causing to be cold. cf. kemehnpou.

pwoail   vi. to boil₂. [Eng.] pwoaile, vt.

pwoaile   vt. [pwoail <Eng.] see pwoail.

pwoaki   n. pandanus sp., Thoracostachyum pandanophyllum.

pwoakus₁   n. match box. [Eng. box]

pwoakus₂   n. fox. [Eng.]

pwoale, also pwoalehdi.   vt. to embrace, to hug. pwoaloapwoal, vi. cf. [meing] dakpwoallenge.

pwoalehdi   vt. see pwoale.

pwoalos   n. large bundle.

pwoalosolos   adj. of clothing, too large at the waist; baggy; bundle-like.

pwoaloapwoal   1. n. embrace, hug. 2. vi. to embrace, to hug each other. pwoalehdi, vt. cf. [meing] dakpwoalleng.

pwoamw   vi. to be pumped. [Eng.] pwoamwih, vt.

pwoahmw   n. bomb, an explosive. [Eng. bomb]

pwoamwih   vt. to pump. [pwoamw <Eng.] pwoamw, vi.

pwoampwoamw₁   n. plant sp., a kind of vine.

pwoampwoamw₂   n. a Japanese boat with a single-cylinder diesel engine. [Jap. ponpon]

pwoapw   vi. to crack, to break, to come apart, of an object fastened to something.

pwoar   vi. to have a hole in it. Deupen karsihnen pwoar. The kerosene container has a hole in it.

pwoahr   n. hole, cave, orifice. cf. [meing] duwi.

pwoahr leu   n. a hole for a yam, dug a day before planting to allow time for the soil to settle.

pwoaren kahwe   n3s. anus. cf. [meing] dauwaiso.

pwoaren pwise   n3s. anus.

pwoaren timwe, also nantimwe.   n3s. nostril. cf. [meing] nankoarioapwoat.

pwoaren toik   adj. contentious, given to getting involved in disputes or quarrels.

pwoareniak   1. vi. to dig a hole for a yam planting. 2. n. a hole for a yam, a yam planting.

pwoarenmas   n. (3sg. pwoarenmese) eye. cf. [meing] edin peren.

pwoahro   vt. to borrow. I kak pwoahro rehmw? May I borrow something from you? [Eng.]

pwoaropwoaren   adj. full of holes.

pwoaru, also pworu.   n. red crab, Geocarcordea natalis.

pwoarukus   n. spring, a place where water wells up from an underground source.

pwoarus   n. a pair of sticks for picking up things.

pwoarwalek   vulgar. interj. You have big vagina! (an insult directed to females).

pwoas   n. bus. [Eng.]

pwoasel   n. puzzle, a toy or problem to test one's ingenuity. [Eng.]

pwoadka   n. vodka. [Eng.]

pwoat   num. cl. used in counting long objects, also used metaphorically with nouns like koul 'song' and koasoai 'story'. tuhke rioapwoat two trees, kohl rioapwoat two songs.

pwoaht   n. can₂, tin. [Eng.]

pwoatoal   n. bottle. [Eng.]

pwoatoal en dihdi   n. baby bottle. pwoatoal bottle. [Eng. pwoatol : bottle]

pwuh₁   n. betel nut palm, Areca catechu.

pwuh₂   n. ship or work whistle; onomatapoeic, coming from the sound these whistles make.

pwuak   1. adv. often. 2. vi. to have better luck. 1. Re pwuak kohla nansapw mahso, ah met soh. They often went to their garden in the past, but not now. 2. Ohlo pwuak ong kehpin penieu. The man often has better luck with kehpin penieu.

pwuhk   n. book; medical file₁. [Eng.]

Pwuhk Sarawi   adj. Bible; scripture, sacred book, holy book, missal. [pwuhk <Eng.]

pwuka, also pwukat.   dem. mod. these here, by me (emphatic).

pwukau, also pwuko.   dem. mod. those there, away from you and me (emphatic).

pwukan   dem. mod. those there, by you (emphatic).

pwukapwuk   adj. reddened, of the skin; handsome, perfect.

pwukat, also pwuka.   dem. mod. these here, by me (emphatic).

pwuke   vt. to knot. pwukopwuk, vi.

pwukekeimw   n. cornerstone of a building.

pwukel   1. n. (3sg. pwukele) knot, joint, as in a stalk of bamboo; corona of the glans penis. 2. adj. husky.

pwukel en neh   n3s. ankle bone.

pwukel en peh   n3s. wrist bone.

pwukelekel   adj. knotty, muscular.

pwukemenleng   meing. n. the main breadfruit season, a season of plenty, from April to August; literally meaning 'responsibility for the things of the air'. Nohpwei limau kin wiawi nan pwukemenleng. There are five feasts that take place during breadfruit season. cf. rahk₁, rekenleng.

pwukemenpwel   meing. n. yam season, literally meaning 'responsibility for things of the soil'. Nohpwein pwukemenpwel kak tohtohsang me pahieu. There can be more than four feasts that take place during the yam season. cf. isol, rekenpwel.

pwuken eni   1. n. any non-slip knot. 2. vi. neut. to tie, with any knot other than a slipknot.

pwuken keiieng   adj. enthusiastic, always wanting to part of a group or activity.

pwuken koul sarawi   n. hymnal.

pwuken nting   n. notebook. [pwuhk <Eng.]

pwukeneu   vi. neut. to tie, with any knot other than a slipknot. vi. neut. to tie, with any knot other than a slipknot.

pwukenwilia   n. plant sp., bougainvillea Bougainvillea glabra. [Eng.]

pwukepe   n3s. responsibility.

pwukepwilih   meing. vt. to learn, to find out through experience. cf. esehla.

pwuker   n. gravel, pebbles, crushed coral, any rock-like material used as a ground cover, as for a road.

pwukere   vt. to spread gravel or coral, as on the road.

pwukerwahnioamoang   adj. extremely hardheaded.

pwukesok   vi. to blush; to flush, of the face.

pwukehdi   meing. vt. to write something down, to document information; to tie in knots; to claim an item by tying a piece of cloth to it, as when claiming a yam at a kamadipw. cf. ntingihdi.

pwuki₁   n. (3sg. pwukie) kneecap, knee. cf. [meing] pohndal₂.

pwuki₂   n. a swelling wave; the prominence of anything.

pwukiaki   1. adj. rugged, rocky. 2. n. ruggedness.

pwukie   n3s. knee. cf. [meing] pohndele, pohndelenpwuki.

pwukiewet   1. adj. pigeon-toed. 2. n. the walk of someone who is pigeon-toed.

pwukioamoar   1. meing. vi. to argue, to quarrel; to challenge intellectually. 2. meing. n. argument, quarrel, intellectual challenge. 1. Mwohnsapw oh Iso (ketin) pwukioamoar. The Nahnmwarki and Iso Nahnken are arguing. cf. akamai.

pwuko, also pwukau.   dem. those there, away from you and me (emphatic).

pwukopwuk   1. n. knot. 2. vi. neut. to knot. pwuke, vt.

pwukoa, also pwukau.   dem. mod. those there, away from you and me (emphatic).

pwukoah   n. responsibility, obligation, duty.

pwukoanlok   vi. to be exasperated, to be infuriated.

pwukoarot   archaic. adj. heavily shaded.

Pwuksarawi   n. Bible. [pwuhk <Eng.]

pwuksoar   1. vi. to perform magic in order to make oneself appear attractive. 2. n. the name of this kind of magic.

pwul   1. adj. immature, of fruit. 2. archaic. n. bead made of shell.

pwulak   n. fish sp., bluespine unicornfish, Naso unicornis.

pwulahk   vi. to come or go, used in a derogatory way.

pwulangking   n. fish sp., orangespine unicornfish, Naso lituratus.

pwuloi   1. n. of cane-like plants, the part of the stem between the joints (internode); stanza of a song or poem, paragraph in a story, syllable of a word. 2. num. cl. used in counting sections from joint to joint of cane-like plants or stanzas in songs, etc. 2. sehu pahpwuloi four sections of sugar cane, pwuloin koul riopwuloi two stanzas.

pwuloi kopwur   n. reduplication.

pwuloi kopwur luh   n. partial reduplication.

pwuloimwo   n. prefix.

pwuloimwur   n. suffix.

pwuloimwur en ahia   n. the paradigm of possessive suffixes for ah₂.

pwuloimwur en neinei   n. the paradigm of possessive suffixes for nah.

pwuloimwur sohrenge   n. non-emphatic demonstrative modifier.

pwuloin koasoai   n. phrase. see lepin koasoai.

pwuloin koasoai en ansou   n. temporal phrase. see pwuloin lokaia en ansou.

pwuloin lokaia   n. phrase.

pwuloin lokaia en ansou   n. temporal phrase. see pwuloin koasoai en ansou.

pwuloin lokaia naun   n. noun phrase.

pwuloin lokaia perip   n. verb phrase.

pwuloin lokaiahn wasa   n. locative phrase.

pwuloin sendens   n. clause.

pwuloin sendens ahd   n. nominal clause.

pwuloin sendens idengek   n. relative clause.

pwuloin sendens podundunpene   n. conjoined clause.

pwulok   n. mangrove sp., cannonball tree, Xylocarpus granatum, used for canoes, wood carving, and furniture.

pwulopwul   adj. young.

pwulodo   1. n. the face of the first quarter moon. 2. vi. to be in its first quarter, of the moon.

pwull₁   adj. loose fitting.

pwull₂   vi. to have something in one's eye.

pwuldohser   n. bulldozer. [Eng.]

pwumpwaks   n. boombox; any sound system with large speakers. [Eng.]

pwumpwumw, also meipwumpwupw.   n. a breadfruit cultivar (meinsahrek type).

pwuhn   n. fish sp.

pwunan   1. n. rheum, sleep, the crust around the eyes formed during sleep. 2. vi. to have sleep in one's eyes. cf. [meing] moahrokenleng.

pwunod   1. vi. to be worried, to be concerned. 2. adj. given to worrying. 3. n. worry, anxiety, anguish. cf. [meing] ihrmwell.

pwunodiki   vt. to worry about, to be concerned about. cf. [meing] ihrmwelle.

pwundosi   1. n. loincloth. 2. vi. to wear a loincloth. [Jap. fundoshi]

pwung₁   1. adj. correct, right, just₂. 2. Biblical. adj. righteous.

pwung₂   vi. neut. to splash; to swell or break, of waves. pwungur, vt.

pwungidek   vi. to splash; to swell or break, of waves.

pwungidekida   vi. to be washed up on the reef or shore; of water, to be agitated.

pwuhng   n. justice, right, truth.

pwungen kosonned   n. legal procedure.

pwungen pali moron   n. democracy.

pwungen sahpw   n. a traditional ritual made to a spirit to maintain the fertility of the soil.

pwungih₁, also pwongih.   vt. to worship, to adore.

pwungih₂   vt. to hem, as shirts, pants, dresses, etc.

pwungiari   vi. to be indecisive.

pwungieng kosonned   adj. legal, done according to the law. Arail mwekido pwungieng kosonned. Their action is legal.

pwungier   vi. to be ready.

pwungidek   vi. to splash; to swell or break, of waves. pwungur, vt.

pwungidekida   vi. to be washed up on the reef or shore; of water, to be agitated. pwungur, vt.

pwungur   vt. to splash; to wash up on the reef or shore. Iloken nan madau kin pwungur pahina. The ocean waves constantly wash up against the barrier reef. pwung₂, pwungidek, vi.

pwungki   vt. to approve of; to consider correct; to agree with. cf. [meing] ingireke, ingirekih, ngirahkih.

pwungpene   vi. to be in agreement, to reach consensus.

pwupw   vi. to fall.

pwupwidi   vi. to fall down.

pwupwula   vi. to be lost, of objects; to fail to complete a competitive activity.

pwupwuda   vi. to be intoxicated by kava to the point of losing one's self-control; to convulse.

pwuhpw   n. fish sp., trigger fish, possibly Rhinecanthus rectangulus, normally found in the lagoon and on patch reefs and the barrier reef.

pwupwidi   vi. to fall down. cf. [meing] keidekidi, lempehdi.

pwupwula   vi. to be lost, of objects; to fail to complete a competitive activity.

pwupwuda   vi. to be intoxicated by kava to the point of losing one's self-control; to convulse.

pwupwut, also pwopwot.   vi. to be happy or content with each other. Lahpoko pwupwut. Those two individuals are happy with each other.

pwur   vi. to return. pwure₂, vt. cf. [meing] sapahl.

pwuhr, also seir.   n. tree spp., a generic name for Fagraea berteroana and Cananga odorata.

pwuhr-   vi. to descend into, to fall into, to step into, as a hole. Misihno pwuhrla nansedo. The outboard motor fell into the ocean.

pwuraia   n. pliers. [Jap. puraiā < Eng.]

pwurak   vt. to spit out.

pwurarrar   adj. unnatural or unclear, of sounds coming from a sound producing system.

pwurada   n. yam that has been growing for three years.

pwure₁   vt. to drill a hole in; to make a hole in a coconut. pwuropwur, vi.

pwure₂   vt. to return to. He pwure imwen wini. He returned to the hospital. pwur, vi. cf. [meing] sapahlih.

pwuremas   vi. to open the top of a drinking coconut.

pwurehng   vi. to repeat; to do again.

pwurepwur en eni   vi. to offer a drinking coconut to someone before tasting it.

pwuri   n. (3sg. pwurie) stomach, of certain fish like tuna; core, as of breadfruit, kernel; hemorrhoids, piles.

pwuriamwei   1. vi. to be surprised, astonished, amazed, or shocked; to get excited; to be disappointed. 2. n. surprise, astonishment, amazement, shock; mental or physical damage to a baby as a result of exposure to a loud noise. cf. [meing] pwuhrleng.

pwuriamweikihla   vt. to be sorry.   interj. Too bad!

pwuhriek   vi. to start suddenly.

pwuriemwot, also pwuriemwotomwot.   adj. short-tempered.

pwuriemwotomwot   adj. short-tempered. see pwuriemwot.

pwurien arepe, also arepe.   n. hibiscus pole, after the bark has been stripped off.

pwuhrieng   vi. to dress.

pwurin Pohnpei, also seirin Pohnpei.   n. tree sp., Fagraea berteroana, valued for its fragrant flowers.

pwurin waii, also seirin waii.   n. tree sp., ylang ylang, Cananga odorata, having fragrant flowers.

pwurok₁   n. chick, just after hatching.

pwurok₂   adj. to be broke, to be out of money. [Eng.]

pwurokiram   n. program, as a radio or TV program, or a program for an event. [Eng.]

pwuropwur   vi. to drill a hole. pwure₁, vt.

pwurur   1. adj. hasty. 2. vi. to struggle.

pwurkadorio   n. purgatory. [Spa. purgatorio]

pwuhrleng   1. meing. vi. to be surprised, astonished, amazed, or shocked; to get excited; to be disappointed. 2. n. surprise, astonishment, amazement, shock. cf. pwuriamwei.

pwuhrsang   vt. to take off clothing, to be undressed. Serio pein pwuhrsang nan ah likowo, The child took off his clothes by himself.

pwuhs₁   n. (3sg. pwuhse) navel, belly button. cf. [meing] selihr.

pwuhs₂   vt. to push. [Eng.]

pwusard   Biblical. n. buzzard. [Eng.]

pwuhseng   n. balloon. [Jap. fūsen]

pwusirek   adj. sassy, impudent, saucy.

pwusukoal   vi. to throw a temper tantrum.

Pwuda   n. Buddha, Buddhism. [Eng.]

pwudau, also pwudo.   n. (3sg. pwudowe) perspiration, sweat. cf. [meing] lihseinleng, lensienleng, nahnisohra.

pwuden uhmw   meing. n. a ceremonial food basket (peimwoarosleng or peien katau) placed directly in front of the Nahnmwarki or Nahnken. Pwuden umwun koanoat kin wisikla pahn kupwuren Mwohnsapw oh Iso Nahnken. The pwuden uhmw is normally set directly in front of the Nahnmwarki and Iso Nahnken.

pwudo, also pwudau.   n. perspiration, sweat. cf. [meing] lihseinleng, lensienleng, nahnisohra.

pwuhdo   n. envelope. [Jap. fūtō]

Pwudoi   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

pwudoniap   n. wart.

pwudong   1. n. an itchy rash. 2. adj. itchy. 3. vi. to itch. cf. [meing] kilit.

pwudopwud₁   n. foam, scum.

pwudopwud₂   n. plant sp., Colubrina asiatica.

pwudowado   adj. sweaty.

pwudowenmas   n. (3sg. pwduwenmese) sweat from the brow. cf. [meing] lesienleng.

pwut   adj. joyous, lusty.

pwuht   n. boot. [Eng.]

pwutak   n. boy.

pwute   vt. to fondle, to caress.

pwuteletel   slang. adj. sensuous, beautiful.

pwutemei   1. n. the second feast of the breadfruit season. 2. vi. to have this feast.

Pwuton   n. a clan.

Pwutonlasi   n. an extinct clan.

pwutuhn   meing. n. spouse, husband or wife. cf. pwoud.

pwuwak   1. adv. frequently. 2. adj. having a special affinity for growing certain species of yams. 1. E pwuwak keteu. It frequently rains.

pwuwalok   adj. swollen or puffed up as a consequence of a wound or blow.

pwuwas   n. fish sp., half beak, Hemiramphus guoyi.

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