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oaioa, also aiau, likatengensapw, katengensapw.   n. tree spp., banyan tree, Ficus prolixa and Ficus virens; leaves, fruit, bark, and roots used in traditional medicines.

oail   n. motor oil. [Eng.]

Oaunpahnmwahng   n. a tradtional Pohnpeian character associated with Luhk.

oahk   Biblical. n. hawk. [Eng.]

Oakos, also Ahkos.   n. August. [Eng.]

Oakotope   n. October. [Eng.]

oaksisen   n. oxygen. [Eng.]

oale   vt. to wave, to signal, to beckon to. oaloahl, vi.

oaloahl   vi. to wave, to signal, to beckon. oale, vt.

oaloahllap   meing. n3s. upper shin bone. Mehkot me sukidi oaloahllap. Something hit his upper shin bone. cf. uluhlen neh.

oaloahd   n. seagrass sp., turtle grass, Thalassia hemprichii, found in shallow water; used for making rope and as a medicine for healing large wounds; the large seeds of this plant are considered a delicacy.

oaloahdenpil   n. a fresh water plant similar in appearance to oaloahd, Blyxa aubertii.

oaloahdilap   n. seagrass sp., Enhalus acoroides.

oahnda   vi. to turn on a switch, such as a light switch. [oahn <Eng. on]

oahndi   vi. to turn off a switch, such as a light switch. [oahn <Eng. on]

oahng, also sinioang.   n. turmeric (generic term).

oangalap   n. turmeric cultivar, the roots of which are used for medicine, making yellow dye, and flavoring soup.

oangen kutohr   n. (3sg. oange) yolk of an egg.

oangen palau   n. turmeric cultivar.

oangen pahnle, also oangen pele.   n. wild ginger, Zingiber zerumbet, used for flavoring food.

oangen pahsed   n. turmeric cultivar.

oangen pele, also oangen pahnle.   n. wild ginger, Zingiber zerumbet, used for flavoring food.

oangitik, also kisinioang.   n. turmeric sp., Curcuma longa, the roots of which are used for medicine and to make a red dye used in tatooing; also used as an ingredient in Japanese curry.

oangoahng₁   1. adj. yellow. 2. n. yellow.

oangoahng₂, also wahpali, wahpaili.   n. seaside bean, Vigna marina.

oapoar   num. one. see poar₁.

oapwin₁, also apwin₁.   vt. to wash one's face. cf. [meing] mahlinge.

oapwin₂, also apwin₂, opwin₂.   n. the log forming the threshold at the entrance of a feasthouse.

oapwoat   num. one. see pwoat.

oahr, also tuhkehn amwise, tepwuk.   n. plant sp., Premna serratifolia.

oaralap   1. adj. general, summarized. 2. n. general idea; summary, highlights; contents, heading, title (of a book). oarelepe, vt.

oare   vt. to scrape together and pick up a pile of something, such as dirt, kava, etc. oaroahr₁, vi.

Oare   n. a section (kousapw) in Kitti.

oarelepe   vt. to give the general idea of, to give a summary of. oaralap, adj.

oareman   n. a variety of topwuk, a tree sp.

oaresed   meing. vi. to paddle. Re sohte pahn oaresed. You will not be paddling. cf. sei₁.

oaritik   1. adj. detailed. 2. n. detail. oaritikih, vt.

oaritikih   vt. to give a detailed account of. oaritik, adj.

Oaron Maka   n. a title.

Oaron Namweiias   n. the title of one of the two guardians of Namweiias, a magical pool on Peikapw in Nan Madol; see also Oun Namweiias.

Oaron Pwutak   n. a title.

oarong, also arong.   n. fish spp., a generic name for a number of jack sp.

oarong en nanmadau   n. fish sp., jack₁.

oarong en pwong   n. fish sp., jack₁.

oarong maswalek   n. fish sp., jack₁.

oarong seik   n. fish sp., jack₁.

oarongenpil   n. fish sp., jack₁.

oarongtoal   n. fish sp., jack₁.

oaropwuki   n. twelfth night of the month in the traditional calendar, the third night after the first quarter in the lunar cycle. Oaropwuki iei pwohng keiesek riau nan ehu sounpwong. Oaropwuki is the twelfth night of the month.

oaroahr₁   1. vi. neut. to scrape together and pick up a pile of something, such as dirt, kava, etc. 2. n. handful. oare, vt.

oaroahr₂   n. shore, coast, seaside, landing place for canoes or boats.

oas   vi. neut. to roof with thatch, accompanied by a feast. Ihmwo pahn oas lakapw. That house will be roofed tomorrow. oase, vt.

oahs₁   n. ivory nut palm, Metroxylon amicarum, the fronds of which are used for making thatch, also used in making traditional medicines; roof; thatch.

oahs₂   n. horse, sawhorse. [Eng.]

oase   vt. to roof a building with thatch; to attach a piece of roofing material. Re oase ihmw kapwo rahnwet. They roofed the new house today. oas, vi.

oasmete   n. tin roofing. [mete <Eng. metal]

oaht₁   slang. n. (3sg. oate) mouth.

oaht₂   1. vi. neut. to order. 2. n. order, shipment. [Eng.] oahte, vt.

oatalaud   slang. adj. boastful, big-mouthed.

oatamat   adj. having bad breath; disagreeable.

oahte   vt. to order. [Eng.] oaht₁, vi.

oatekeng   slang. adj. sharp-tongued, always critical.

oaterei   adj. having a protruding, carp-like mouth; sharp-tongued, always critical.

oatilikamw   slang. adj. lying, untruthful.

oatmwaiahn   slang. adj. boastful, big-mouthed; having bad breath.

oatwalek   slang. adj. having a wide, large mouth; big mouthed, both literally and figuratively.

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