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Affonso Goncalves on editing CAROL

Dan Lebental on editing Iron Man

Walter Murch on
editing Tetro


All videos featured in this website are for educational references only.


Keiki Wide
ACM410 on location. Photo by George Chun Han Wang

ACM 372 Editing for Cinema

What Does a Grade Mean at ACM?

- The Art of the Guillotine: a wesite for editors
- Hurlblog: a cinematography blog
- Cambridge in Colour: online resources for photographers
- Creative Cow: creative community forum
- Pro Video Coalition: media professionals community
- Splice Now: blogger: film editor Steven Cohen, A.C.E.
- Studio Daily: latest news in production and post production
- Video Rate Calculator: how much to charge for freelance work?
- Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro?

Video Conversions Codecs (for references only):
- CineForm codec info
- MPEG Streamclip info

Good Reads
- Editor Kelley Dixon: breaking down "Breaking Bad" (link)
- An AFI article on Oscar winning editor Anne Coates (link)
- Ang Lee and editor Tim Squyres on Life of Pi (link)
- Saturday Night Live film unit switched from Final Cut to Adobe (link)
- Editor Jordan Goldman on editing Homeland (link)
- CNN Adopts ADOBE Anywhere (link)
- R.I.P Abby Singer (link)
- Editor Barney Pilling on The Grand Budapest Hotel (link)
- Stargate Studios uses Sony A7s Multi-camera Rig for bkg plates (link)
- Editor Stephen Mirrione on cutting The Revenent (link)
- VFX Supervisor Roger Guyette on Star Wars: The Force Awakens (link)
- Color Grading for Editors (link)

- Android Prompter (Teleprompter) (link)
- iOS Pro Prompter (Teleprompter) (link)

Adobe CS6 References
- Using Adobe CS6 with Canon Cameras (PDF)
- Adobe CS6 workflow with Panasonic P2 and P2HD (PDF)

- ACM Logo EPS file for black background video (link)

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