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Spielberg on Lawrence of Arabia

Project Greenlight

Geore Lucas on Raiders

Kevin Smith on Writing

Martin Scorsese on Oliver Stone


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Keiki Wide
Photo by George Chun Han Wang

ACM 310 Cinematic & Digital Narrative Production

What Does a Grade Mean at ACM?

- "UHM ACM Presents"Opening Title (JPEG file)
- Budget Template (Excel file download)
- Call Sheet Template (Excel file download)
- Call Sheet samples (A, B)

Editing in Premiere Pro:
- Setting Up Premiere Pro for ACM310 Projects (PDF)
- Synchronize Video and Audio clips (PDF)
- Using Adobe CS6 with Canon Cameras (PDF)

Sample Materials/References:
- Film Crew Positions: link
- Script Supervisor Notes: Sample
- Sample Shot List (link)

Scriptwriting References
- Screenwriting/Pre-Production software (free): Celtx
- Screenwriting: Story Diagram
- Writing Beat Sheets (link)
- Sample Beat Sheet (link)
- How to write a treatment (link)
- Sample Treatment (link)
- James Cameron's "Scriptment" (link)
- Script Format: writing a film or TV script
- How to make a Pitch (link)

Production Resources:
- Attco: production lighting & staging supplies (link)
- Cosmo Media (link)
- Hawaii Actors Network (link)
- Royalty Free Military Video Footage from DVIDS: (link)
- Video Rate Calculator: how much to charge for freelance work?

Permits & Contracts:
- Filming on UH Campus: contact Diane Chang (dianec@hawaii.edu) & the Security Office(guidelines)
- Exterior On-Campus Location Release (link)
- Honolulu Film Office: for filmming on County/City lands (link)
- Hawaii Film Office: for filmming on State lands (link)
- Location Release (link)

- ACM Student Verification (for State/City/County permit request) (link)
- Certificate of Insurance (download from ACM Media Center webpage) (link)

Deliverables (see ACM Media Center website for updates):
- A completed Student Project Completion Form for each project
- All Talent Releases
- Location Releases
- Music Releases if other than our music library
- Copyright Form for each project, signed by student and faculty
- A Data disc or Flash drive of their project
- Risk Release Form
- Combined form(includes music, risk release, and policies and procedures)

ACM Auditions on Facebook:
-- FB Group: Academy for Creative Media Audtions



Course Evaluation: please complete your eCAFE survey by the due date.