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ACM410 On Location. Photo by George Chun Han Wang

Academic Advising: ACM Advisees



  1. Please keep me updated with your studies, grades, plans and graduation timeline. Make an appointment with me at least once every semester.
  2. Many courses on your Academic Planning Sheet are in high-demand. Please make sure you register or inquire for instructor approval early enough to secure a seat*.
  3. If you cannot enroll in any planned courses and/or would like to revise your Academic Planning Sheet, please email me immediately.
  4. 1-3 semesters prior to your anticipated graduation date, please follow the Online Grad process to apply for graduation.
  5. The Online Grad process requires you to confirm your current and future major requirements with your advisor through submitting the Golden Rod Form.
  6. Colleges of Arts and Sciences requires "C" (not "C-") grades or higher for each major courses.



If I am assigned to you as your ACM Faculty advisor, please follow these steps:

  1. Review the ACM courses and requirements**.
  2. Download these files:
  3. Schedule a mandatory advising appointment with me through email.
  4. Fill out a "draft version" of your Academic Planning Sheet, enter preliminary selection of desired ACM courses (Please write down the name/title of courses in addition to course numbers, thus easier to identify which course you're planning to take)
  5. Print and bring your draft Academic Planning Sheet and Declaration of Major form.
  6. Print, read and bring this addendum to the appointment.
  7. Please also bring two extra blank copies of the Academic Planning Sheet... in case we need to revise heavily.
  8. If there are non-ACM courses you are interested to take as electives, please bring information of those courses (course title, number, description) to the appointment.
  9. During the advising appointment, we will finalize your academic planning. I will sign and file your planning sheet.
  10. I will sign your Declaration of Major form, and give it back to you. You must personally submit the completed/signed Declaration of Major form to the Colleges of Arts and Sciences.
*You're not entitled to a seat in a certain course simply because it is listed in your plan. For many of the popular courses, if you wait till the day you're scheduled to register, it will likely be too late.

** To become an ACM major, you must have completed with at least a B (3.0) in Cinema and Digital Media (ACM255) and have completed 12 or more UHM credit hours with an overall 2.75 GPA. And you have to be enrolled as an undergraduate in the Colleges of Arts & Sciences (view Arts & Sciences program requirements).

All Information on this website is subject to revision.