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At 2013 Far East Film Festival (Udine,Italy) special panel for the publication of KING HU IN HIS OWN WORDS. From left to right, Giorgio Placereani (Italian edition editing), Roger Garcia (Editor), Law Kar (Consulting Editor), George Wang (Co-Editor) and Chanel Kong (Associate Editor).

ACM 382 Authors: KING HU
ACM 380 Genre: Chinese Martial Arts/Wuxia Genre


KING HU and Martial Arts Cinema:

King Hu is one of the most important and influential Chinese- language film-makers of all time. His pioneering film Come Drink With Me (1966) is regarded as the ‘masterpiece that marked the birth of modern martial arts cinema.' He broke box office records in Taiwan, Philippines and Korea with Dragon Inn (1967). A Touch of Zen (1970/1971) was the first Chinese-language wuxia film to be awarded at the Cannes Film Festival. Other critically acclaimed films from King Hu include A Fate of Lee Khan (1973), The Valiant Ones (1975), Raining in the Mountain (1979) and Legend of the Mountain (1979).

King Hu moved to California in 1984 but continued to engage in creative activities in Taipei, Hong Kong and mainland China. He worked on All the Kings Men (1983), Swordsman (1990) and Painted Skin (1993). On the verge of seeing his debut English-language project The Battle of Ono taking off, King Hu passed away in 1997 in Taipei.

King Hu’s iconographic visuals such as acrobatic rooftop chases, enthralling tavern showdowns and gravity-defying bamboo forest fights, have become essential martial arts staples that continue to inspire many of the modern- day action blockbusters.

Many of today’s most successful film-makers from the Greater China Region such as Jackie Chan, Tsui Hark, Tony Ching, Ang Lee and John Woo have gratefully attributed their accomplishments to the influence of King Hu. There are a number of successful remakes of King Hu classics (New Dragon Inn, The Valiant Ones, Painted Skin) and Quentin Tarantino and the Weinstein Company also have attempted to bring a remake of Come Drink with Me into Hollywood mainstream. (written by GEORGE CHUN HAN WANG)

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