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George Lucas on Casting

Kevin Smith on Writing

Martin Scorsese on Oliver Stone

Robert De Niro
Inside Actors Studio

Keiki Wide
ACM399 Glidecam shoot. Photo by George Chun Han Wang

ACM 399/499 Directed Film Projects

To propose your ACM399/499 Independent/Group Projects, please submit the following materials:
-- completed screenplay (no treatment, synopsis),
-- budget,
-- production schedues
-- a list of team/crew

Submit the above materials well in advance prior to the registration assignment begins. (Check the UH Registration Assignment timetable). The instructor may reject any proposals that are incomplete, impromptu, unplanned, unorganized or submitted late after the registration assignment calendar begins.

All 399/499 students must sign and submit the following forms:
-- ACM 399/499 Application (link)
-- ACM Media Center Access Policies Agreement
(download here)
-- Assumption of Risk and Release
(download here)

A Student Project Completion Form should accompany the completed project. Upon end of the semester, all 399/499 projects must submit Talent releases, Location releases, Music releases for original music and Location permits are all part of the needed paper work for all productions. Visit ACM Media Center website for updated forms, releases and additional info.

Our insurance policy should be used for any shoot on City and County and State controlled property as well as homes and businesses.

ACM Student Creative Works Copyright Policy (Applicable after Spring 2014): FAQ / Sample Work for Hire agreement.

-- Overview of Copyright Law (Videomaker article)


Course Evaluation: please complete your eCAFE survey by due date.