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The Sounds of James Bond

Listen to an NPR' interview with sound editors from the new James Bond movie.

Foley for WALL-E

Foley for Games

Peter Jackson on foley for King Kong

King Kong ADR

Wilhelm Scream  

All videos featured in this website are for educational references only.

Keiki Wide
ACM410 On Location. Photo by George Chun Han Wang

ACM 374 Post Production Sound

What Does a Grade Mean at ACM?

-- KNPR interview of Oscar Winning Sound Mixer Russell Williams
-- Article on Types of Microphone: by Clinton Harn
-- Using Multi-Track Recorders to Get Better HD DSLR Sound
-- Cinema Audio Society (CAS) website
-- Sound Designer Randy Thom on a career in Film Sound (link)
-- ProSound News (link)
-- List of Recording Resources (Products, Services, Schools) (link)
-- Building a Post Sound Studio (link)
-- Microphone University (link)
-- The Sound of Interstellar (link)
-- New Foley Stage at Skywalker Sound (link)
-- Sound Design of The Revenant (link)

TECHNIQUES (Training Videos):
- Boom Mic Operation (link)
- Using Field Mixer (link)
- Pensado's Place podcasts about music/audio business (link)

- ADR Script (download)
- Foley Cue Sheet (download)
- Foley Cue Sheet sample

- Frequencies Hearing Test (link)
- Speech-to-noise Hearing Test (link)
The world's quietest room: the Orfield Lab (link)

- Aaron Copland: The Aim of Music for Films (link)
- CD Review/Sampling: Copland's Of Mice and Men (link)
Hollywood Reporter Roundtable: Composers (link)

- Android Prompter (Teleprompter) (link)
- iOS Pro Prompter (Teleprompter) (link)
- iOS Guerilla ADR (Dialogue Replacement) (link)
iOS Shoot Local (Location Scout) (link)
- iOS Hokusai Audio Editor (link)

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