CEE 696-007: Deep Learning in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Science

Fall Semester 2019
Presenter Title (click to view slides)
Ahmed Afifi Forecasting reference evapotranspiration (ETo) using Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) Long Short Term Memory (LSTM) [notebook]
Brytne Okuhata Predicting hydraulic head levels with machine learning
Christopher Shuler Investigation of deep neural networks for filling gaps in hydrologic datasets
Jinwen Xu Transfer learning using MobileNet for rainbow image recognition [notebook]
Joana Rose Castillo Forecasting Evapotranspiration with RNN-LSTM [notebook]
Kei Manabe Detection of calls of Minke whales using deep learning [notebook]
Lauren Ward Using Deep Learning to determine fault locking depths of earthquakes
Madeline McKenna Using neural networks to identify polar jet blocking in atmospheric reanalysis data
Runze Yuan Vehicle detection based on UAV video and Transfer Learning
Samuel Kei Takazawa Explosion detection with noise [notebook]
Terrence J. Corrigan Case Study Hurricane Harvey: How Neural Networks can help in forcasting rapid intensification in tropical cyclones [notebook]
Trista McKenzie Using deep learning to understand drivers and dynamics of submarine groundwater discharge off the Kona Coast
Xi Song Deep Learning solution for strength prediction of steel CHS X-joints
Xiaole Han Crack detection on stabilized soil samples [notebook]
Young-Ho Seo Upscaling hydraulic conductivity using CNN [notebook]