ICS 311 Spring 2017 Index

This is an index of web pages for ICS 311 Algorithms, taught Fall 2017 by Nodari Sitchinava. Generally the course is run within Laulima. Notes and other material are posted on this site, http://www2.hawaii.edu/~nodari/teaching/s17/, and on YouTube. However, course participants will need to log into Laulima regularly to watch screencasts, submit assignments, and to use other facilities such as discussions and the mail tool as needed. Classes are in Webster 101 and in Holmes 247.




This is not a complete schedule: see the Schedule for that. CLRS is the Cormen Leiserson Rivest and Stein textbook. Topic numbers are not in sequence due to changes to the curriculum since 2014.

Problem Sets

The problems sets will be released here and in Laulima when ready. See Assessment for the dual submission information.

Exam Dates

Nodari Sitchinava (based on material by Dan Suthers)