M. Takemoto


Michael Takemoto is a visual artist and Assistant Professor at Maui Community College. Takemoto received a BFA in Drawing, Painting and Printmaking from the University of Hawai’i at Manoa. He earned an MA and an MFA in Drawing and Painting from Northern Illinois University.

Takemoto has exhibited his paintings and installations at various locations in Hawai’i, including the Honolulu Academy of Arts, the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, and the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center. In 2003, his work was featured in the 6th Biennial of Hawai’i Artists at the Contemporary Museum.

At Maui Community College, Takemoto teaches courses in art appre-ciation, drawing, and painting. He has also worked with the Artists-in-the-Schools Program and the Art Exploratory at various public schools on Maui.

Takemoto lives in Kula, Maui, with his wife, two sons, a dog and three cats.

E-Mail: mmtakemo[at]hawaii.edu




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