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Installation / Interactive / Conceptual

1996 - 1998 - 2002

MT encourages the viewer to become an active part of the work.

He hopes this will nurture a greater understanding of the aesthetic diversity within our society.


Red Fence

Book Sale

Break Room

Clothes Line

Paint Your Own Masterpiece






A bright, red, mesh fence which spirals into itself. This maze-like work invites viewers to move to the center of the spiral and undergo physical and visual changes and sensations.

A pile of some 3000 books stacked into a corner of the gallery. Participants are asked to rummage through this mountain of books and find something interesting to read. If they want to take a book, a dollar donation is requested. Proceeds go to the Maui Friends of the Library.

Break Room occupies a semi-enclosed portion of the gallery. The walls are covered with newspaper and children's art. The interior includes chairs, a table, books, magazines, a clock (non-functional), a black and white television set, boxes of crackers and jars of peanut butter. Visitors are encouraged to enter the space and take a break from their normal gallery expectations.

An indoor installation composed of three clotheslines covered with women's undergarments and other assorted clothing. Gallery guests are asked to try on and play with the garments.

The setup includes an easel, a stool, a spotlight, and a t.v. dinner table and paint-by-number kits with brushes and paints. Viewers are instructed to paint on the pre-printed panels in whatever manner they wish. Artists and non-artists work communally on the paintings.


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