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Evidence - Law 543                                                                  Today’s Presentation

Prosecution Clinic - Law 590b                                                 Today’s Handout

Negotiations & ADR - Law 508                                               Today’s Presentation 2

EMBA Executive EMBA Negotiations Course                        Today’s Handout 2

 Pepperdine – Mediation Theory & Practice                             Today’s Presentation 3      

ADR PowerPoints                                                                     Today’s Handout 3

Negotiation & ADR Handouts                                                  Today’s Presentation 4

Global Leaders for Innovation and Knowledge (GLIK @ JAIMS)   

Asia-Pacific Center for Security Studies (APCSS)                   Today’s Handout 4 PDF

Thai Judges Mediation Workshop

AALS Materials                                                                         The Clinical Program

Other Presentations                   

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“Let’s Stop Spreading Rumors About Settlement and Litigation:

A Comparative Study of Settlement and Litigation in Hawaii Courts”

29 Ohio St. J. on Disp. Res. 85 (2014).


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