John Barkai
    Professor of Law








Hawaii Rules of Evidence


Federal Rules of Evidence

Federal Rules of Evidence Restyled


The First Class


Witness exam problem


Basic Principles of Direct & Cross Examination. Some Common Legal Objections


Evidence Play


Handout 1, HRE & FRE

Teams of students will perform this play in class

Handout 2,Cases & Problems for First Month


Handout 3, Cases & Problems


Handout 4, Comparisons of HRE & FRE




Advisory Committed Notes to the FRE, edited by Prof. Barkai

Useful for understanding the FRE & HRE



Report Form for Court Observation

Download here or find as last page of H.O. 2

27 True-False Review Questions

Reviewed in class

14 Multiple Choice Review Questions

Reviewed in class

Taylor v. Haggerty, transcript of questions in video leading to objections

We will view the video in class

Essay questions from Prof. Barkai's final exams,

Essays were 1/3 of previous final exams. Previous multiple choice and true/false questions are not made available to you

Page one of final exam (exam directions), and "true/false/differs" directions

Useful for understanding what the exam will look like and what you will be asked to do