John Barkai
    Professor of Law

Mediation Workshop for Judges

presented for

Judges from the Kingdom of Thailand

at the

William S. Richardson School of Law

University of Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii

September 2 – 12, 2014

45 classroom hours of instruction and visits to the Hawaii and Federal Courts

Additional Handouts will be provided in a “by invitation only” Dropbox folder



Negotiation Handout


Communication Handout


Mediation Handout


Making Money Talk


Settlement Conferences


Hawaii Mediation Model


Pepperdine Mediation Model


Mediation Advocacy


Gambits Facilitative & Evaluative


ADR in Hawaii Courts


Wall and Chan Research


Dealing With Impasse – D. Golann


Impasse Avoidance – L. Chang


The Secrets Of Successful And Unsuccessful Mediators

            Goldberg & Shaw


ABA Task Force On Improving Mediation Quality


Myers Briggs Handout


Meeting Facilitation Handout


Cross Cultural Negotiation Handout


What’s a Cross-Cultural Mediator to do?


Tongue Fu - Difficult Conversations - Shut Up Handout


Difficult Conversations Handout


Apology Handout



PowerPoint Presentations








Mediation Advocacy


Tongue Fu


Difficult Conversations




Why Can’t You Shut Up?


Books to read


Optical Illusions