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Our GC rocks!

Jan 2022

Autotrophy in microalgae

Feb 2020

The Microalga Nannochloropsis during Transition from Quiescence to Autotrophy in Response to Nitrogen Availability

Findings reported by eLife

Jul 2019

The ability of photosynthetic algae to enter the hyphae of a soil fungus could tell us more about the evolution of these species and their potential for applications in the production of biofuel.

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Our lab is interested in: Using engineering and synthetic approaches to produce valuable bio-products in microalgae and fungi; Establishing co-production systems with the alga-fungus synthetic consortia; Investigating the mechanism of symbiosis/mutualism between photosynthetic and microorganisms for improving agricultural traits and understanding their significance to the ecology and evolution; Studying lipid metabolism in photosynthetic and microorganisms, particularly on the development and stress tolerance and response; Improving traits of tropical crops by novel marker-free gene-editing technologies such as CRISPR systems.


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