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Guina-ang Bontok

Published Texts

1. Custom Texts
C01The Obfo Working Groups
C02The Chang-as Working Groups
C03The Khawkhaw Ritual
C04The Growing of Rice
C05The Kom-o Wedding Ceremonies
C06The Omafong Wedding Ceremonies
C07The Karang Wedding Ceremonies
C08The Wedding Ceremonies of Takcheg Cherweg
C09The Lopis Marriage Ceremonies
C10The Karon Wedding Ceremonies
C11The Chono Marriage Ceremonies
C12The Mangmang Ceremony for a Sick Person
C13When Someone Dies
C14When Someone Dies a "Bad Death"
C15When a House Burns Down
C16The Papatayan Place for Sacrifice
C17The Making of Rice Beer
C18The Making of Yeast
C19The Making of Sugarcane Wine
2. Kapya Texts
K01The Khina-ikha-ing kan Khineyekheyew Prayer
K02The Tongtongolr Prayer
K03The Serchey Prayer
K04The Chokochok Prayer
K05The Patik Prayer
K06The Inchara-ong Prayer
K07The Ches-ar Prayer
K08The Changsag Prayer
K09The Sinarado ya Sinigchat Prayer
K10The Tipi Prayer
K11The Tingiting ya Sifisib Prayer
K12Simple Kapya
3. Origin Texts
O01Why Guina-ang Is Also Called Litangfan
O02Why Guina-ang Has Two Divisions
O03Why Guina-ang Lacks Water
O04The Great Flood
O05Why There Are Many Languages
4. Headhunting Texts
H01The Killing of Kangkang at Belwang
H02The Killing of Choro and Others at Belwang
H03The Raid on Sadanga to Avenge Mas-i
H04The Raid on Sagada by Ingit and Chatar Wards
H05The Raid On Agkhawa To Avenge Soy-a
H06The Killing of Langay and Lifo-o
H07The Raid on Sagada Led by Karnati
H08The Killing of a Japanese Soldier at Fekes
H09The Killing of Japanese Soldiers at Fato
H10The Killing of Thirty Japanese Soldiers
5. Story Texts
S01Buying Rice From a Rat
S02The Child They Put in a Coffin
S03When Chay-ot Met a Spirit in the Fields
S04The Death of Farrong
S05Seeing a Spirit in the Fields
S06The Eight Days of Darkness
S07Changchangtayan and Pap-arokopok
S08The Story of Agusting and Anatos
S09A Visit to the Lowlands

Unpublished Texts

U01The 1960 Ceremonial Calendar in Guina-ang, Bontoc, Mt. Province.
U02Ceremonies for Counteracting a Spirit Meeting.

Talubin Bontok

Negrito Languages