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Guina-ang Bontok Published Texts


Introduction to the On-line Version


Descriptions of the Texts (adapted from Reid 1992)


1. Custom Texts


C01 -- The Obfo Working Groups


C02 -- The Chang-as Working Groups


C03 -- The Khawkhaw Ritual


C04 -- The Growing of Rice


C05 -- The Kom-o Wedding Ceremonies   


C06 -- The Omafong Wedding Ceremonies


C07 -- The Karang Wedding Ceremonies


C08 -- The Wedding Ceremonies of Takcheg Cherweg


C09 -- The Lopis Marriage Ceremonies


C10 -- The Karon Wedding Ceremonies


C11 -- The Chono Marriage Ceremonies


C12 -- The Mangmang Ceremony for a Sick  Person


C13 -- When Someone Dies


C14 -- When Someone Dies a "Bad Death"


C15 -- When a House Burns Down


C16 -- The Papatayan Place for Sacrifice


C17 -- The Making of Rice Beer


C18 -- The Making of Yeast


C19 -- The Making of Sugarcane Wine


2. Kapya Texts


K01 -- The Khina-ikha-ing kan Khineyekheyew Prayer


K02 -- The TongtongolrPrayer


K03 -- The Serchey Prayer


K04 -- The Chokochok Prayer


K05 -- The Patik Prayer


K06 -- The Inchara-ong Prayer


K07 -- The Ches-ar Prayer


K08 -- The Changsag Prayer


K09 -- The Sinarado ya Sinigchat Prayer


K10 -- The Tipi Prayer      


K11 -- The Tingiting ya Sifisib Prayer


K12 -- Simple Kapya


3. Origin Texts


O01 -- Why Guina-ang Is Also Called Litangfan


O02 -- Why Guina-ang Has Two Divisions


O03 -- Why Guina-ang Lacks Water 


O04 -- The Great Flood


O05 -- Why There Are Many Languages


4. Headhunting Texts      


H01 -- The Killing of Kangkang at Belwang       


H02 -- The Killing of Choro and Others at Belwang


H03 -- The Raid on Sadanga to Avenge Mas-i


H04 -- The Raid on Sagada by Ingit and Chatar Wards


H05 -- The Raid On Agkhawa To Avenge Soy-a


H06 -- The Killing of Langay and Lifo-o


H07 -- The Raid on Sagada Led by Karnati


H08 -- The Killing of a Japanese Soldier at Fekes


H09 -- The Killing of Japanese Soldiers at Fato


H10 -- The Killing of Thirty Japanese Soldiers


5. Story Texts  


S01 -- Buying Rice From a Rat


S02 -- The Child They Put in a Coffin


S03 -- When Chay-ot Met a Spirit in the Fields


S04 -- The Death of Farrong


S05 -- Seeing a Spirit in the Fields


S06 -- The Eight Days of Darkness


S07 -- Changchangtayan and Pap-arokopok


S08 -- The Story of Agusting and Anatos


S09 -- A Visit to the Lowlands




 Guina-ang Bontok Unpublished Texts


U01 -- The 1960 Ceremonial Calendar in Guina-ang, Bontoc, Mt. Province.


U02 -- Ceremonies for Counteracting a Spirit Meeting.