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Nhu collecting Suillus lakei in beautiful Colorado. Nhu H. Nguyen
Assistant Professor/Researcher
Principle Investigator
Office: 221 Sherman Laboratory
Office Phone: 808-956-6593
Lab Phone: 808-956-2634
Email: nhu.nguyen@hawaii.edu

Graduate Students

Steven in the field Steven Heisey
Office: 212 Sherman Laboratory
Lab Phone: 808-956-2634
Email: sheisey@hawaii.edu

Steven is using integrated molecular microbial and biogeochemical techniques to study the nutrient flow associated with organic and inorganic soil amendments. He is also developing high-throughput primers to effectively assess nematode biodiversity in diverse Hawaiian soils. He wore a relevant lei while defending his MS Thesis. He graduated August 2019.
Ishwora in the field Ishwora Dhungana
Office: 212 Sherman Laboratory
Lab Phone: 808-956-2634
Email: ishwora@hawaii.edu

Ishwora is studying how different crop species and their root exudates contribute to and modify microbial communities in the soil. She uses high-throughput sequencing to characterize fungal and bacterial communities under these plants and uses classical cultural methods to test how quality of rhizosphere exudates influence bacterial growth.
Christopher Kim Christopher Kim
Office: 212 Sherman Laboratory
Lab Phone: 808-956-2634
Email: cki24@hawaii.edu

Christopher is working on symbiotic relationships between soil fungi (including mycorrhizal fungi) and bacteria, and how these symbioses impact the soil ecosystem.

Undergraduate Students

Jon Abe profile photo Jon Abe
Email: jabe20@hawaii.edu

Jon is characterizing the diversity of rhizobia in native and non-native legumes in Hawai`i. He isolates the bacteria to create a culture collection and is working on a protocol to inoculate native wiliwili seedlings.

Previous Lab Members

By order of appearance...

Talyssa cradleing a harvest of cacao beans

Talyssa Topacio

Talyssa was a visiting summer 2019 REU student. She worked working on yeasts associated with cacao fermentation and whether the fermentation process reduces phenolics in cacao pods. Her work contributed to the understanding on how microbes might contribute to the terroir of Hawai`i grown chocolates. Talyssa started graduate school at UC Riverside in Fall 2019.
Cade sampling nectar from Hibiscus kokio

Cade Justad-Sandberg

Cade was a visiting summer 2019 REU student. He worked on nectar yeasts of native and non-native Hibiscus species, with a focus on characterizing native yeast species using DNA.
Brennan Hee

Brennan Hee

Brennan worked on inventorying litter arthropods of Waimaea Valley. The microbiome from these organisms eventually was sequenced to understand the diversity of microbes in Waimea Valley.

Conor Palmer

Conor worked on developing a system for growing an edible tropical mushrooms using locally sourced substrate. He worked with various genotypes of the fungus to produce a Hawai`i relevant strain that maximizes production.

Madison (Madi) Miyamura

Madi worked on characterizing the microbial communities in diverse Hawaiian soils that have been treated with various nitrogen and organic nutrient fertilizers. She learned basic molecular techniques and graduated in Fall 2017.