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Nhu collecting Suillus lakei in Colorado. Nhu H. Nguyen
Associate Professor of Soil Microbial Ecology
Principal Investigator
Office: 221 Sherman Laboratory
Office Phone: 808-956-6593
Lab Phone: 808-956-2634
Email: nhu.nguyen@hawaii.edu

Research Interests

I'm broadly interested in how soil associated organisms functionally interact with each other, with their environment, and the outcomes of these interactions. My approach is grounded in organismal biology, using the best available methods to answer fundamental and mechanistic questions in organismal interactions in both lab and field-based experiments.


Evolutionary Ecology & Conservation Biology (EECB) faculty


BOT430/BIOL430/TPSS432 - Biology of Fungi (Lecture & Lab)
TPSS480/BIOL480 - Life in the Soil Environment (Lecture & Lab)
MICR485 - Microbes and their Environment
TPSS604 - Advanced Soil Microbiology (Lecture & Lab)
TPSS711 - Special Topics: Microbiome: From soils to sequences


*indicates undergraduate author


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