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FSHE 216 Asian/Pacific Cuisine Syllabus



Course Number                                  Course Title                                         Credits                  Hr. Per Week

FSHE 216                                             Asian/Pacific Cuisine                     5                              2 hours lecture,

                                                                                                                                                                26 hours lab per wk.

                                                                                                                                                                (8 weeks)


Semester/Year                                     Class Location                                   Class Times

Fall / Spring                                       Lab: 'Ohia 220 Grille                        As stated In Schedule of Classes

                                                                Lecture: 'Ohia 220 Grille                                  


A Grade of "C" or higher In FSHE 212 or consent of Instructor


Co requisites






Instructor's Name                               Office Location                              Office Hours

Chef Alan Tsuchiyama                     'Ohia 105                                         One Hour prior to start of class

                                                                                                                              Or by Appointment


Office Number                                    Office Fax Number                            Mail Box Location

734-9148                                              734-9212                                              'Ohelo 102 (workroom)






Course Description

FSHE 216 Is a study of Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Pacific-Islander, and modern Pacific-rim cuisines; an overview of the history, culture and foods of Asia and Its Influence on culture and foods of Hawaii, the continental United States and the International community. Emphasis on the culinary traditions, artistry, and special uses of unusual fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs, and cooking ingredients commonly used In Asian, Pacific Islander, and Pacific-rim cuisines. Experiments and accent on the Infusion of Asian, Pacific Islander, and Pacific-rim flavors of food, spices, seasonings, and cooking Ingredients with classic Continental, European and International cuisines. 


Course Competencies

In addition to the competencies fulfilled In FSHE 110, FSHE 119, and FSHE 212, upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:


  • Use the wok and other equipment typically used In Asian cookery.
  • Cut meats, fruits, and vegetables In the Asian Manner of preparation.
  • Identify and use the herbs, spices and cooking Ingredients typically used in various Asian cuisines.
  • Prepare from tested recipes an assortment of popular appetizers, soups, salads, main entrées, side dishes, and desserts associated with Chinese, Japanese, Thailand, Vietnamese, Indian, Pacific Islander, and Pacific Rim cuisines.
  • Prepare dishes commonly served at a Hawaiian luau.
  • Use the techniques and presentations learned to combine Asian/Pacific specialties with those of other cuisines of the world preparing an International buffet or create new dishes to fit into new menus.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and acceptance of generally accepted standards of professionalism such as teamwork, moral work ethics, and a positive attitude that is practiced in the food service Industry.
  • Understand the geographical, historical, and cultural background to each country, the Interrelationship of each country with the others and recognize the ways these backgrounds are expressed in the cuisine of the countries studied.
  • Identify differences and similarities between the various cuisines studied.
  • Develop an appreciation for the specialties, culinary traditions and virtuosity of the various cuisines studied.
  • Recognize and appreciate the modern Impacts of European, Asian, Pacific Islander, and Pacific Rim cuisines.  



               If you have a disability and have not voluntarily disclosed the nature of your disability and the support you need, you are invited to contact the Special Student Services Office, 734-9552 (V/TTY), Ilima 105, for assistance.




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