LSAT Prep Program Testimonials

What Participants Say About Our LSAT Prep Program

I highly recommend this course to any Native Hawaiian interested in preparing for the LSAT. I was fortunate to be able to participate in the Native Hawaiian LSAT Prep Program. This program successfully prepared me for the rigor of the LSAT. The framework of the course is designed to cover all the sections of the exam and also to target "problem areas" where the students traditionally need more help. We were also given the opportunity to take timed practice tests and assess our progress through out the duration of the course. By the end of the course, my practice test scores significantly improved and this level of performance was successfully reflected on in my actual LSAT score.
-Anna Fernandez (admitted for Fall 2008)

The classes helped me to: identify question types, gauge timing, and improve the set-up of problems, among other things. The classes provided a very supportive atmosphere and classmates often shared LSAT tips and other helpful information with each other. The LSAT prep course provided me with preparation and guidance that I could not have received anywhere else.
-Ha'aheo Kaho'ohalahala (admitted for Fall 2008)

Taking the LSAT Prep Course played a large part in my successful admission into the William S. Richardson School of Law. Usually LSAT Prep Courses are very expensive. The strategies and skills that I learned during the course were invaluable. Our instructor taught us how to break down the LSAT into different parts and learn the language of the LSAT. Upon completion of the Prep Course, I immediately took the LSAT the following week. My score was significantly higher.
-Malia Gibson (admitted for Fall 2007)

Liam is an awesome teacher. He is not only very knowledgeable about the LSAT, but he is passionate about teaching. He is very dedicated to his students. I thoroughly enjoyed this class.
-Joni Domingues (admitted for Fall 2007)

As the class progressed we were able to pinpoint our weaknesses and focus on those aspects of the exam. My score improved dramatically from the beginning of the class to the end. I would definitely suggest this course to any prospective Law school student.
- Davis Price (admitted for Fall 2007)

Course Evaluation Excerpts

At the end of the course we have our participants complete evaluations and submit them anonymously.

Below are some excerpts from what they've written:
I have had [other] courses. It never helped as much as Liam's system of instructions. Furthermore, he simply cared for us and that inspired me deeply.

I would highly recommend anyone who is interested & that meets the eligibility requirements take advantage of this program/class.

I was really intimidated the first night. However, each time I came, I left more comfortable and really believed that this is the path I need to take.

[The LSAT Prep classes] exceeded my expectations - I have reached the point where I am comfortable with the types of problems on the exam.