Birthday.........Oct. 20
 Zodiac Sign.........Libra
 Favorite color.......Blue


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Age: 12
Birthday: October 10th
Sign: Libra
Blood Type: B

Origin: Hidden Leaf Village
Occupation: Ninja

Hobbies: playing pranks, eating ramen

Abilities: Henge no Jutsu, Kawarimi no Jutsu, Sexy no Jutsu, Harem no Jutsu, Kage Bushin no Jutsu, Kuchiyose no Jutsu. Rasengan, Naruto Rendan, Tajyuu Kage Bushin no Jutsu, Uzumaki Naruto: Clone Body Slam, 1,000 years of Pain, Shihou Hapou Shuriken no Maki, Rendan Nisen Naruto

Biography: The hero of the story, Uzumaki Naruto!! He is the Hidden Leaf's Number One Loudest Ninja. He breaks the rules, he has to be the centre of attention, his intelligence sinks below every other ninja, he is untalented in comparison with his fellow Academy students, he is outspoken and egotistical but most importantly: He has a Ninja spirit that never gives up! Sealed within Naruto is a Nine-Tailed Demon Fox that attacked and almost destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village. This immeasurable power was preserved inside of him so that it couldn't return to demolish the Village again.
    As a child, Naruto was neglected and was only acknowledged as a monster and a demon boy who shouldn't be alive, let alone a Shinobi. He grew up without any parents, without the love of another person. In fact, Naruto has been entirely alone his entire life. So, it's no wonder he is always reaching out for people's attention. He always wanted someone to look at him and acknowledge his existence, even at the expense of his reputation and education. From his dejection, Naruto grew up to have a dream that he would devote his life to, no matter what happened. That dream was to be the Hidden Leaf Villages Hokage and have everyone acknowledge Naruto as the Villages best and strongest Ninja. A very difficult dream to accomplish, especially when he had nobody to support his ambition or to help him believe he could be anything he wanted. Until, he found that in his sensei, Iruka. Iruka had a very similar childhood to Naruto and he understands the shadow of pain Naruto lives under. As time passed, Naruto found two more people who he would fight beside with. His rival, Uchiha Sasuke and his love interest, Haruno Sakura. These are the two people who mean the most to Naruto from very different reasons.




Image Description (From Top Left to Bottom Right):

  1. Uzumaki Naruto and Haku (top left)
  2. Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto (top right)
  3. Uzumaki Naruto and Jiraiya (bottom left)
  4. Gaara and Uzumaki Naruto (bottom middle)
  5. Uzumaki Naruto and Hatake Kakashi (bottom right)

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