Taxes Using Arrays

Due date: Time and date Due time/date: Monday, April 19 th 2004 at 10:00pm.
What to do Rewrite your so that it will accept up to 99,999 taxpayers, using an array. Reuse your code in assignment 3.
How to turn in your homework?

Your homework should be received in the homework inbox by the specified time. You should e-mail it to:
You will turn in your JAVA code, all the required files (.java files) The name of your programs should be and
The subject of the e-mail should be "taxes/lastname", don't include the quotes, and substitute the lastname for yours. The subject of the e-mail should be exactly as shown or you will get points deducted.
Make sure that your files are not zipped or otherwise compressed, or you will get no credit.

Changes to the TaxManager Program

Tip: The SSN should be unique. Before creating a taxpayer object, read the corresponding SSN. Verify that it is not part of your array. If it is send a message letting the user know that it is a duplicate SSN. If it is not part of your array, then collect the remaining information, validate it, create the taxpayer and add it to your array.

Changes to the class

Instance Variables

  • SSN (social security number), it will now be a number between 1 and 99,999
  • The rest of the instance variables and methods, will remain the same.

If you have any more questions please e-mail Blanca or Matt