UH Fall 2006 Journal Club - Seminal Papers from Evolution

This semester we will discuss classic or fundamental papers from the field of Evolutionary Biology. Where possible we will look at the classic paper or a summary of its ideas and a more recent paper that deals with this topic. In some instances we will just be reading two papers with differing views on the same theme. 

Journal Club Meets Every Friday 10:00-11:20 in Edmondson 355

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September 15: Adaptation or Not???

Gould, S.J. and R.C. Lewontin. 1979. The spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian paradigm: a critique of the adaptationist programme. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B. 205:581-598. (PDF)

Cain, A.J. 1989. The perfection of animals. Biol. J. Linn. Soc. 36:3-29. Originally published in 1964 in J.D. Carthy and C.L Duddington Eds. Viewpoints in Biology, 3:36-63. London Butterworths. (PDF)

September 22:  Punctuated Equilibria or Gradualism

Eldredge, N. and S.J. Gould. 1972. Punctuated equilibria: an alternative to phyletic gradualism. In: Models in paleobiology. (Schopf, T.J.M. ed). Freeman, Cooper & Co, San Francisco. pp 82-115. (PDF)

Jones, J.S. 1981. An uncensored page of fossil history. Nature 293:427-428. (Copy in Zoo Office EDM 152)

Supplemental Reading:

Jones, J.S.1988. Gaps in Fossil Teeth: Saltations or Sampling Errors? Trends in Ecology and Evolution 3:208-213.

Gould, S.J. and N. Eldredge. 1993. Punctuated equilibrium comes of age. Nature 366:223-227. (DOC)

September 29: Gene Flow & Differentiation

Ehrlich, P.R. and P.H. Raven 1969. Differentiation of populations: Gene flow seems to be less important in speciation than the neo-Darwinians thought.  Science 165:1228-1232. (PDF)

Jordan, M.A. et al. Phenotypic divergence despite high levels of gene flow in Galápagos lava lizards (Microlophus albemarlensis). Molecular Ecology 14:859-867. (PDF)

October 6: Genetic Drift & Selection

Dobzhansky, T. and O. Pavlovsky 1957. An experimental study of interaction between genetic drift and natural selection. Evolution 11:311-319. (PDF)

O'Hara, R. B. 2005. Comparing the effects of genetic drift and fluctuating selection on genotype frequency changes in the scarlet tiger moth. Proc. R. Soc. B 272:211-217. (PDF)

Supplemental Reading:

Alleaume-Benharira, M. I.R. Pen, and O. Ronce 2006. Geographical patterns of adaptation within a species' range: interactions between drift and gene flow.  J. Evol. Biol. 19:203-215. (PDF)

October 13: Rate of Molecular Evolution - Neutralist / Selectionist

Kimura, M. 1968. Evolutionary rate at the molecular level. Nature 217:624-626. (PDF)

Ayala, F. 2000. Neutralism and selectionism: the molecular clock. Gene 261:27-33 (PDF)

October 20: Selfish Genes

Dawkins, R. 1976. Chapter 6: Genesmanship. Oxford University Press. pp. 95-116 (PDF)

Hurst, G.D.D, and J.H. Werren. 2001. The role of selfish genetic elements in eukaryotic evolution. Nature Reviews Genetics 2:597-606. (PDF)

Supplemental Reading:

Carroll, L. S. et al. 2004. Fitness effects of a selfish gene (the mus t complex) are revealed in an ecological context. Evolution 58:1318-1328. (PDF)

Johnson, L.J. and J. F.Y. Brookfield 2002. Evolutionary dynamics of a selfishly spreading gene that stimulates sexual reproduction in a partially sexual population. J. Evol. Biol. 15:42-48. (PDF)

Sibly, R.M. 1989. What evolution maximizes. Functional Ecology 3:129-135. (PDF)

October 27: Heredity 

Galton, F. 1898. A diagram of heredity. Nature 57:293. (PDF)

Fisher, R. A. 1930. Chapter 1: The nature of inheritance. In: The genetical theory of natural selection. pp. 1-21. (PDF)

Lolle, S. J., J. L. Victor, J. M. Young, and R. E. Pruitt. 2005. Genome-wide non-mendelian inheritance of extra genomic information in Arabidopsis. Nature 434:505-509. (PDF)

Weigel D., and G. Jurgens. 2005. Hotheaded hearler. Nature 434:443. (PDF)

November 3 - December 8: Ken is in Brazil, so carry on with the selections below, or any others that you feel like discussing.  Someone please make a list of what you decide to cover so that we don't cover it again next semester.  

Aristotle. 350 BC. On the Parts of Animals (PDF)

Galen. 170 AD. On the Natural Faculties (PDF)

Bateson, W. 1900. Problems of Heredity as a subject for horticultural investigation. Journal of the Royal Horticultural Society 25:54-61. (PDF)

Carson, H. L. 1983. Chromosomal sequences and interisland colonizations in Hawaiian Drosophila. Genetics 103:465-482. (PDF)

Coyne, J. A. and H. A. Orr. 1989. Patterns of speciation in Drosophila. Evolution 43:362-381. (PDF)

Darwin, C. R. 1859. Chapter 3: The struggle for existance. In: On the origin of species. pp. 71-90. (PDF)

Darwin, C. R. 1859. Chapter 14: Recapitulation and conclusion. In: On the origin of species. pp. 545-579. (PDF)

Demerec, M. 1933. What is a gene? Journal of Heredity. 24:368-378. (PDF)

The rediscovery of Mendel's Work - The Birth of Genetics - 1950 (PDF). contains the following;

Mendel, G.  1950. Gregor Mendel's Letters to Carl Nägeli (1866-1873). Genetics 35:1-29.

De Vries, H. 1950 (Original 1900). Concerning the law of segregation of hybrids. Genetics 35:30-32.

Correns, C. 1950 (original 1900). G. Mendel's law concerning the behavior of progeny of varietal hybrids. Genetics 35:33-41.

Tschermak, E. 1950 (original 1900). Concerning artificial crossing in Pisum sativum. Genetics 35:42-47.


Erlich, P. R. and P. H. Raven. 1964. Butterflies and plants: A study in coevolution. Evolution 18:586-608. (PDF)

Fisher, R. A. 1958. Polymorphism and natural selection. reprinted in Journal of Ecology 46:289-293. (PDF)

Fisher, R. A. 1959. Natural selection from genetical standpoint.  Australian Journal of Science 22:16-17. (PDF)

Fisher, R. A. and E. B. Ford. 1950. The "Sewall Wright Effect" Heredity 4:117-119. (PDF)

Fisher, R. A. 1930. Chapter 6: Sexual reproduction and sexual selection. In: The genetical theory of natural selection. pp. 121-145. (PDF)

Gould, S. J. and E. S. Vrba. 1982. Exaptation - A missing term in the science of form. Paleobiology 8:4-15. (PDF)

Haffer, J. 1969. Speciation in Amazonian forest birds. Science 165:131-137. (PDF)

Haldane, J. B. S. 1957. The cost of natural selection. Journal of Genetics 55:511-524. (PDF)

Haldane, J. B. S. 1924. A mathematical theory of Natural and Artificial selection - Part 1. Transactions of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 23:19-41. (PDF)

King, J. L. and T. H. Jukes. 1969. Non-Darwinian Evolution. Science 164:788-798. (PDF)

Malthus, T. 1798. An Essay on the principle of population. London. (PDF) (Note: 134 pages long)

Mayr, E. 1954. Change of genetic environment and evolution. In: Evolution as a process (Huxley, Hardy & Ford eds.) pp. 157-180. (PDF)

Morgan, T. H. 1917. The theory of the gene. The American Naturalist 51:513-544. (PDF)

Muller, H. J. 1922. Variation due to change in individual genes. The American Naturalist 56:32-50. (PDF)

Rice, W. R. and E. E. Hostert. 1993. Laboratory experiments on speciation: What have we learned in 40 years? Evolution 47:1637-1653. (PDF)

Slatkin, M. 1987. Gene flow and the geographic structure of natural populations.  Science 236:787-792. (PDF)

Stirton, R. A. 1947. Observations of evolutionary rates in hypsodonty Evolution 1:32-41. (PDF)

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Wright, S. 1931. Evolution in mendelian populations. Genetics 16:97-159. (PDF)

Wright, S. 1932. The roles of mutation, inbreeding, crossbreeding and selection in evolution. Proceedings of the VI International Congress of Genetics 1:356-366. (PDF)