SAA Guidelines for a Graduate Program in Archival Studies

In 2006, the Society of American Archivists revised its “Guidelines for a Graduate Program in Archival Studies,” which suggested a core of 18 credits in archival studies. Interested students at UH are encouraged to take 18 credits from the following:

Of course, these requirements are in addition to the core LIS classes 601, 605, 610, 615 and 650 or 684 and other requirements for the MLISc.

Please complete this [LIS Program Certificate in Archival Studies Application] (pdf) and submit it to Dr. Wertheimer.

LIS students interested in archives should also consider joining the state archivists' association, the Association of Hawaii Archivists,which offers a special student membership rate as well as our very own student chapter of the Society of American Archivists [SAA-SC @ Hawaii] [SAA national website]. Be sure to also check out SAA's scholarships. We want to create leaders.

The UHM LIS Program used to offer a post-master's professional certificate in archival studies, but this lapsed over a decade ago due to limited student interest.

Questions: Contact LIS Associate Professor Andrew Wertheimer.