Climate and Weather Information

ENSO Information (NOAA PMEL)

Climate Prediction Center (NOAA CPC)

CFSv2 Forecast of Weekly Climate Anomalies

Current ENSO state (BOM)

IRI ENSO forecast

S2S sub-seasonal and seasonal forecast

UH Weather

Oahu Surf Forecast (NOAA)

Wunderground Hurricane site

CIMSS Wisconsin Tropical Cyclone Forecasts

NASA Worldview

NASA Worldview (centered on Antarctic sea ice)

Climate Data Archives

Climate Explorer (KNMI)

APDRC Climate Data

NOAA Climate Data

IRI Climate Data Archive

Hurricane Track Density


Ocean reanalysis products (University of Hamburg)

Global River Discharge Database

CPC Soil Moisture

WHOI Objectively Analyzed air-sea fluxes (OAFlux)

Met Office EN4 subsurface ocean temperature and salinity

CAM5 radiative kernels (Pendergrass)

CAM3 radiative kernels (Shell)


Polar Amplification MIP (PAMIP)

CFMIP tools (COSP, ISCCP, Observations, diagnostic codes)

CFMIP Spookie cloud locking

CMIP6 portal

ESGF PyClient (Earth System Grid Python interface)

CMIP6 Cloud Access and Analysis Primer

Large Ensemble portal NCAR

US CLIVAR Large Ensemble working group

CESM1 Large Ensemble

CESM2 Large Ensemble (ICCP and NCAR)

GFDL Large Ensemble (via Globus), Website Sarah Schlunegger

MPI Grand Ensemble

Education and interesting Blogs

Wolfram Alpha


ClimateDataGuide (UCAR)

Isaac Held's Climate Blog

Nick Lutsko's Climate Notes

UH Manoa Library

Some Useful Software

Climate Data Operators (CDO)

NCAR Command Language (NCL)

Ferret (NOAA PMEL)

GNU Octave





Intel Compilers


MatCont (Bifurcation analysis)

SSA-MTM Toolkit for spectral analysis

TISEAN (nonlinear time series analysis)

ACE (Alternating Conditional Expectation) algorithm for Matlab

STILT (R package for time series emulation)

EMD (empirical mode decomposition)

FastKDE (kernel density estimation)

Climate Data Toolbox for Matlab

TropD tropical width diagnostics (Matlab and Python)

jLab (Matlab data analysis package including spectral analysis)

Python related

Python documentation
Anaconda distribution
Scipy module
Netcdf4 for python
Matplotlib basemap
Climlab (Brian Rose)
    Pangeo LENS analysis example

ESGF PyClient (Earth System Grid Python interface)

High Performance Computing

University of Hawai'i HPC

General Circulating Models (GCMs)

GFDL General Circulation Models

NCAR Community Earth System Model (CESM)

    - [Experiments]
    - [CESM Simpler Models]
    - [Overview]
    - [Supported Components]
    - [CCSM4 Timing Table]
    - [CESM Forum]


Some intermediate complexity models

Cane and Zebiak Model


Linear Baroclinic Model (LBM)





PlaSim (Uni Hamburg Planet Simulator)

University of Chicago online climate models

Some Integrated Assessment models (IAMs)

MADIAMS (Hasselmann et al.)

CDICE/DOECLIM (Garner, Reed, and Keller)

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