The Bibliography of Embarrassment Research provides a listing of journal articles, books, book chapters, conference papers, dissertations, and theses that focus on the social emotion of embarrassment and embarrassability. Citations are ordered alphabetically by the author(s) of the publications. Additions to the bibliography are periodically added as discovered.


Embarrass /Im’bar?s, εm-/ v.t. 4. Cause (a person) to feel awkward, self-conscious, or ashamed.

Embarrassed /Im’bar?st, εm-/ a.1. Perplexed, confused; having or expressing a feeling of awkwardness or self-consciousness.

Embarrassment /Im’bar?sm(?)nt, εm-/ n. 1. An embarrassed state or condition; esp. a feeling of awkward confusion or self-consciousness.

from Brown, L. (Ed.). (1993). The new short Oxford English dictionary (Thumb Index Edition) (p. 803). Clarencon Press: Oxford.

Embarrassability /Imbar?s?'bIlIti, εm-/ n. A person's general susceptibility to embarrassment (p. 316).

from Modigliani, A. (1968). Embarrassment and embarrassability. Sociometry, 31, 313-326.


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