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Music 107
World Music Cultures

Instructor: Dr. Robert Wehrman
Phone: 984-3303
Office: Kupa`a 105
Office Hours: M W 3-4 p.m.

Text: Worlds of Music and CD collection. 4th Edition. Jeff Todd Titon, General Editor

The New Grove’s Dictionary of Music and Musicians
JVC World Music Video Series
Garland Encyclopedia of World Music

World Music(s) Cultures is a survey of traditional musics from many regions and cultures of our planet. The course operates under the premise that music is a cultural phenomenon so we examine the topic from an anthropological point of view.  Our survey looks at the components of a music culture which include: Ideas about Music, Social Organization of Music, Repertories of Music, and the Material Culture of Music. Further, we will build a music culture model for each culture studied. The elements of this model include: Affective Experience, Performance, Community, and Memory/History. We will study the music of these cultures as they exist in the twentieth century. This course is directed to music students, anthropology students, and also to those without a scientific or musical background. The only prerequisites are an open mind and the willingness to learn about the incredible world of music cultures.

During the course of this study we will:
? Learn the components of a music culture
? Build a music culture model for each culture studied.
? Dispel the myth of the superiority of Western art music
? Create an awareness of the myriad of musics throughout the world
? Learn how to listen to music
? Understand that music is not a universal language

It is impossible to cover, in one semester, all of the music of the world. Nor is it possible to represent every culture. Thus, we have had to be very selective about the music presented in this class. Every effort has been made to include musics that represent a broad cross-section of the world and a diverse variety of musical styles. Undoubtedly, some important cultures have been left out (Korea for example). Their omission in this course does not mean that they are any less important than those covered-. It simply means that there was not enough time to discuss them all.

? There will be 3 quizzes. The dates are included in the Course Calendar.
? You are required to attend and write a report on two concerts of music from cultures other than your own. Please include a program from these events.
? One mid term exam.
? Course final project and presentation. Write a five-page, (typed, double-spaced) report (plus bibliography) on the music of any culture other than your own and make an oral presentation of your research. Please note that this does not include commercial Western music.

Attendance is mandatory and will have bearing on your grade. Excused absences, such as official class trips, justified illness, etc.  must always be registered with the instructor by the student. In the case of official trips, this must be done prior to the absence. Do not assume a form will be sent from some administrative office. In case of illness, a doctor’s excuse must be provided on the first day back in class. It is the responsibility of the student absent to obtain the information for that class from a classmate (not the instructor). No late work will be accepted nor make-up tests given. Do not plan on an early getaway for the winter holiday.

 Quizzes (3 @ 40 points each)  120
 Concert Reports (2 @ 30 points)   60
 Mid term exam    100
 Work completion bonus  100
 Semester Project   100
 Final exam (comprehensive)  150

Total 650
 575 - 650 = A
 500 - 574 = B
 425 – 499 = C
 350 – 424 = D
 349 or below = F

Tentative Course Calendar

Week 1  Introduction, What is music? What is a music culture?
Week 2  Music of India
Week 3   Music of India continued, Music of Indonesia, quiz 1
Week 4  Music of Indonesia continued, Music of Polynesia
Week 5  Music of the Middle East, quiz 2
Week 6  Music of China
Week 7   Music of Japan
Week 8   Review/Mid term exam
Week 9  Music of Sub-Saharan Africa
Week 10  Music of the Caribbean
Week 11  Music of Latin America, quiz 3
Week 12  Music of Native America
Week 13   Music of African America
Week 14  Music of Ireland and Scotland
Week 15  Project Presentations
Week 16  Review, Final exam (comprehensive)

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