Teh Clawring Crabe's D02: Know No Limit
This game is serious! There are ninjas and crocodiles! IF you need a bonus on your role, you can give the D02 master some of you change and buy it. It KNOW NO LIMIT!
-Clawring Crabe
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The D02 Master:
You need at least two players unless you are crazy. One player is the D02 Master. They are in charge of everything. Every other player makes characters.

Get a sheet of paper. Write some stuff on it, or draw on it or something. This is your character sheet. Write some stats or numbers or something on it if that will make you feel better. Stuff like, "kill every mutha in the room" and "punch babies in the face"

Resolution Mechanic:
The D02 Master will present challenges that require you to randomly determine success or failure. Here is how this is done in the D02 system.

Dig in your pocket. Get some change. Shake up the fistful of change, call a side, and slap it down on the table. If more sides come up what you called, you win. This is a "coin-pool" system.

Any. It is a trly universal roleplaying system, unless it does not involve killing things and taking their stuff. If you don't want to do that, join an improv troupe or something.

You will get may hours of fun from this system. You can do absolutely anything with it, as it know no limit.

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