Ph.D. Computer Science,  University of California Irvine
B.S. Computer Science, California Institute of Technology
Google Scholar  —  Curriculum Vitae

October 2019: Two papers accepted to NeurIPS workshop on Machine Learning for the Physical Sciences

September 2019: Research highlighted in “Hawaiʻi is a Playground for Data Science by Margaretta Colangelo of Deep Knowledge Ventures

August 2019: Artificial Intelligence Journal Prominent Paper Award

August 2019: Learning in the Machine at IJCAI

December 2018: SHERPA at NeurIPS workshop on Machine Learning Open Source Software

October 2018: Learning in the Machine: Recirculation is Random Backpropagation in Neural Networks

Spring 2020 — ICS 435: Machine Learning Fundamentals
Fall 2019 — ICS 235: Machine Learning Methods
Spring 2019 — ICS 635: Machine Learning
Fall 2018 — ICS 691: Deep Learning