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                                              Morgen S. Johansen, PhD

University of Hawaii, Mānoa

Public Administration Program, Saunders Hall 631

2424 Maile Way, Honolulu, HI 96822

+1 808 956-7551•

Updated April 29, 2020 

Academic Appointments

August 2018 – Present            Professor, Public Administration Program, University of Hawaii

January 2015 – Present           Department Chair, Public Administration Program

August 2014 – July 2018        Associate Professor, Public Administration Program, University of Hawaii

August 2010 – July 2014        Assistant Professor

                                              Coordinator, Nonprofit Management Graduate Certificate

                                              Public Administration Program and Public Policy Center, University of Hawaii

June 2009 – July 2010            Director of Research, Project for Equity, Representation, and Governance,

                                              Texas A&M University


Ph.D.   Texas A&M University, 2009

M.A.    University of Kansas, 2005

B.A.    California Polytechnic State University, 2001          


Research and Teaching Interests                                                               

Public and Nonprofit Management, Public Administration, Diversity Management

Public Policy and Analysis, Education and Health Policy


Edited Books

Johansen, M. (Ed.) 2020. Social Equity in the Asia-Pacific Region: Conceptualizations and Realities. ISBN 978-3-030-15918-4 DOI:10.1007/978-3-030-15919-1 Palgrave Macmillan.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Lee, D., Johansen, M., and Bae, K.B. 2020. Organizational justice and the inclusion of LGBT federal employees: A quasi-experimental analysis using coarsened exact matching. Forthcoming at Review of Public Personnel Administration.

Kim, T., Johansen, M., and Zhu, L. 2019. The effects of managers’ purposive performance information use on American hospital performance. Public Performance and Management Review, DOI: 0.1080/15309576.2019.1638275

Johansen, M. and Sowa, J. 2019. Human resource management, employee engagement, and nonprofit hospital performance. Nonprofit Management & Leadership 29(4): 549-567.

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Johansen, M. and Zhu, L. 2017. Who values diversity? Comparing the effect of gender across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. American Review of Public Administration 47(7): 797-809.

Avellaneda, C.N., M. Johansen, and K. Suzuki. 2017. What drives Japanese INGOs to operate in Latin American countries? International Journal of Public Administration 40(8):670-683.

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Johansen, M.S. 2012. The direct and interactive effects of middle manager quality on organizational performance. Administration & Society 44(4): 383-411.

Andrews, R. and Johansen, M. 2012. Organizational environments and performance: a linear or nonlinear relationship? Public Organization Review 12(2): 175-189.

Johansen, M.S., and Joslyn, M.R. 2008. Political persuasion during times of crisis: the effects of education and news media on citizens’ factual information about Iraq. Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly 85: 593-610.

Johansen, M.S. 2007. The effect of female strategic managers on organizational performance. Public Organization Review 7: 269-279.

Haider-Markel, D.P., Allen, M.D., and Johansen, M.S. 2006. Understanding variations in media coverage of U.S. Supreme Court decisions: comparing media outlets in their coverage of Lawrence v. Texas. Harvard International Journal of Press/Politics 11: 1-22.


Grants and Awards

Excellence in Teaching Award Nominee, 2017.

Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Kauhale Award. “The Best Public Schools for Native Hawaiian Students” 2011. $14,055.


Book Chapters and Encyclopedia Entries

Johansen, M. and Andrews, R. 2013. “Organization environment and performance.” In Encyclopedia of Quality of Life Research. Ed. A.C. Michalos. Springer.

Chandler, S.M. and Johansen, M. 2012. “The role nonprofit organizations play in U.S. society.” In Human Resource Management in the Nonprofit Sector: Passion, Purpose and Professionalism. Eds. R.J. Burke and C.L. Cooper. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar.


Policy Briefs and Media Engagement

“How Well do U.S. States Address Inequalities in Health Insurance Coverage?” With Ling Zhu. London School of Economics, USAPP Blog, July 16, 2014.

“Market Competition May Not Reduce Costs or Lead to Greater Efficiency in Hospitals.” With Ling Zhu. London School of Economics, USAPP Blog, January 30, 2014.

“As ObamaCare proceeds, how well do U.S. state address inequalities in health insurance and access to care?” With Ling Zhu. Scholars Strategy Network, November 2013.

“Will Obama’s reforms erode health coverage in Hawaii?” Scholars Strategy Network, June 2013.

“Lessons from Hawaii’s efforts to use “Race to the Top” to boost achievement of Native Hawaiian school children.” Scholars Strategy Network, November 2012.

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