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Sancta Crux/Halig Rod:
The Cross in Anglo-Saxon England

Project Collaborators

The project's collaborators are Anglo-Saxonists from complementary disciplines:

The cross as an object, gesture, and concept played an innovative role in Anglo-Saxon culture, evident in art, architecture, literature, ritual, medicine, and popular practice. This three-year project invited scholars engaged in primary research into an interdisciplinary dialogue through project-sponsored seminars, special sessions at international conferences, and an interactive website. The resulting three-volume publication correlates different forms and uses of the cross in England circa 800-1100 in order to understand the cultural significance of this symbol in Anglo-Saxon society and its importance in the western Christian tradition.

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Durham 2001 Seminar:
Cross and Culture

Manchester 2002 Seminar:
The Place of the Cross

Winchester 2003 Seminar:
Cross and Crucifix

Durham 2001
Cross and Culture
Manchester 2002
Place of the Cross
Winchester 2003
Cross and Crucifix
Oxford 2000
Ritual and Belief
ISAS Helsinki 2001
Panel Presentation
Kalamazoo and Leeds
papers and sessions

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