Cambodian Language (Click to hear the pronunciation):

1 What is your name ?
2 Do you speak Cambodian ?
3 Can you speak English ?
4 My name is Kim Chee.
5 I don' t understand.
6 Please speak slowly.
7 I still don' t understand what you just said.
8 Please say that again.
9 Do you understand ?
10 What time is it?
11 What is this called in Cambodian ?
12 It is a spoon.
13 It is a fork.
14 It is a car.
15 It is a house.
16 Can you help me with this ?
17 How are you today ?
18 Mr. Duke, do you know my brother John ?
19 No, I don't know him. I never met him at all.
20 Can you speak French ?
21 Do you understand all of it ?
22 I understand some of it.
23 I want to learn Cambodian.
24 Thank you for helping me learn more Cambodian.
25 What does this word mean?
26 Please say it one more time.
27 Can you repeat it out loud ?
28 How do you say it ?
29 It is very difficult for me.
30 Do you have a Cambodian-English dictionary at home ?
31 I don't know how to say it in Cambodian.
32 I am learning more Cambodian every single day.
33 Did I say it right.
34 Can you write Cambodian?
35 It is quite easy.
36 We will talk to you again in a week.

Last Updated on 12/3/97
By Hongly G. Khuy