Edoardo S. Biagioni

I am an Associate Professor at the University of Hawaii at Manoa's Department of Information and Computer Sciences. I can be reached at esb@hawaii.edu. My office telephone number is +1-808-956-3891.

I joined UH in August, 1997. My most recent CV is here.


Research Interests

In 2011, I began to work on AllNet.

I am minitrack co-chair for the Cellular and Wireless Networks minitrack at HICSS 57, January 3-6, 2024, Waikiki, Oahu. The deadline for paper submission is June 15th, 2023.

I am interested in networking, particularly decentralized and ad-hoc networking, often with security aspects. I am interested in wireless networking, and in the issues of power, security, routing, and reliability in wireless networks, particularly wireless sensor networks. During 2000-2003 these activities fell under the umbrella of the PODS project (more formally known as ''A Remote Ecological Micro-Sensor Network''). I have a list of links and publications related to this project.

I am also always interested in better ways of teaching and better ways of teaching networking.

In the past I have also been active in the following areas:

Although these are not currently my primary focus, I am still open to working in these areas.

Specific projects I have worked on or supervised:

See also these postcript slides of a talk I gave at CMU and Bell Labs. These slides contain germs of the ideas behind both ATP and building blocks.

I have also helped supervise a software development project for the Hawaii Civil Defense agency.

I have released a simple database package written in SML.

One of my students has written a description of IPv6 and how to run it on Linux and Windows.

I am looking into systems for distance learning. Also, on August 24th, 1999, I presented a paper on Asynchronous and Distance Communication over Digital Networks at HCI International '99, a conference in Munich, Germany. This paper describes some of my experiences and insight from distance learning.

These may be good references for writing and presentations:

These references may also be useful:


I joined UH as an Assistant Professor in August, 1997. I got tenure and promotion in 2004.

I was director of the Advanced Network Computing Laboratory (ANCL) from 1997 to 2005.

Before UH, I was a Systems Scientist (and prior to that, a Post-Doctoral Research Associate) at the Department of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At CMU I worked with the Fox Project. I joined CMU in 1993.

Before CMU, I worked for Fore Systems, writing software for ATM switches. Fore has been acquired by Marconi and no longer exists as a separate entity. Likewise, Marconi has since been purchased by Ericsson.

I started at Fore while writing my dissertation on "Scan Directed Load Balancing" at the Department of Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My advisors were Gyula Mago and Jan Prins, and I defended my thesis in November, 1991.

Other Interests

I have another web page for pictures, hobbies and activities.

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