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LIS Courses Taken

LIS 601 Introduction to Reference & Information Services

Philosophy, principles and practice of reference services in libraries, information centers and information literacy. Bibliographic control, reference research, reference interview, online searching, evaluation of bibliographic and Webliographic material. Field component. Recommended as first course in degree program.

LIS 605 Metadata Creation for Information Organization

An introduction to the uses and techniques of cataloging and classification. Focus is on a MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) based system. The course covers descriptive cataloging, Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal classification schemes, Library of Congress subject headings, and on-line and shared cataloging options. Emphasis is on practical rather than philosophical topics, and on practice at the level common at academic or large public libraries. Recommended to be taken early in the program.

LIS 610 Foundations of the Information Professions

Lecture/discussion course on role of libraries, their social utility in information societies. History and future of libraries in changing technological world. Information professions, information ethics, intellectual freedom, intellectual property, information access, national/international library developments.

LIS 615 Collection Management

Principles and issues of collection management and care. Criteria and tools for selecting and deselecting materials. Relationships with publishers/producers.

LIS 619 Preservation Management

Introduction to preservation management. Focuses on management strategies for preservation of materials in libraries and archives. Covers preservation planning, condition surveys, disaster planning, grantsmanship, and basic issues relating to deterioration.

LIS 620 Conservation of Library and Archival Materials

In-depth exploration of the nature of library and archival materials and factors that cause deterioration. Hands-on approach provides practical experience testing and analyzing basic conservation treatments, and understanding the role of conservation in preservation planning.

LIS 650 Management of Libraries & Information Centers

Basic theories and principles of administration for effective management of public, academic, and special libraries and information centers, with emphasis on planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and control. Administrative aspects of public and technical services, facilities, planning, evaluation, public relations, interagency cooperation, and the management of change in bureaucratic organizations.

LIS 671 Digital Librarianship

Lecture course with demonstrations to introduce the essential types of digital resources and the software tools for finding high quality and relevant information efficiently form digital journal archives and reference databases.

LIS 693V Special Topics in Librarianship: History of LIS Education

In celebration of the UHM LIS Programís 50th Anniversary, we will be offering a special graduate seminar exploring the history of LIS education. The ultimate goal of the course will be the creation of a scholarly e-book on the history of libraries, archives, and LIS education in Hawaii. In order to meet this goal, this rigorous seminar will equip LIS and CIS students with an introduction to historiography and historical research methods, and an overview of librarianship and higher education in Hawaii. Students will be doing a lot of reading, original research, some teaching, and work in a group.

LIS 699V Directed Reading and/or Research (V)

Individualized program of directed reading and/or research outside the scope of regularly titled courses.