Ch10. Usage Practice

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  1. Your teacher asked about your parents. Tell her that your father is 45 years old and employed at a bank, and your mother is also 45 years old and she is a junior high school teacher.

  2. At a party, tell a Japanese friend that Yoshida is wearing blue sweater and a pair of jeans. Yoshida also wears a pair of eye glasses.

  3. Tell a colleague that Mr. Miller's wife is of Japanese descent (nikkee-jin), but she doesn't understand Japanese at all.

  4. A Japanese colleague asked about Mr. Smith, a new colleague. Tell her that Mr. Smith is tall and skinny. He's 40 years old but not married.

  5. A classmate asked about your mother. Tell him/her what kind person she is. (i.e., appearance, talents and interests)

  6. Ask your classmate

    a. how many people in his/her family.

    b. how old he/she is.

    c. if he/she has any brothers and sisters.

  7. You just learned that a Japanese acquaintance came from Tokyo. Tell him that your second oldest brother lived in Tokyo for two years.

  8. Tell your friend that your younger brother is good at tennis, but he doesn't like study.

  9. At a party, your Japanese friend asked who Susan was. Tell him that you are not sure, but you think Susan is the person who has long hair and wears a long skirt.

  10. You're looking for a new roommate. Tell your classmate what type of person you are looking for and ask for his/her help.

  11. Your classmate brought a little girl to class. Find out if it is his/her younger sister. Then, how old she is.

  12. A Japanese classmate asked if Tanaka is married. Tell that you think she is married and has two girls.

  13. Tell your classmates what skills or talents you have.

  14. A classmate asked what kind of person you like. Tell that you like person who is good at sports, intelligent, and kind.

  15. A Japanese friend asked you what you think of KCC. Tell what you think.

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