Ch9. Usage Practice

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  1. You and your friend are discussing going to a restaurant. Suggest an Italian cuisine.

  2. At a restaurant, ask your friend what s/he will eat.

  3. At a restaurant, your friend asked what you would drink. Reply that you will have.

  4. You went to a new steak house. Tell a friend that the steak is tender but it's a bit fatty.

  5. At a party, a host has just offered you some wine. Decline politely with appropriate reasons.

  6. You and your classmate decided to play tennis next Sunday. Ask your classmate where you two shall meet.

  7. At a restaurant, order 3 sushi teishoku, 2 noodles, and 3 green tea.

  8. Your classmates are discussing the movie they saw on weekend. Comment that it seems to be an interesting movie.

  9. A: Ask a classmate if he/she did something over the weekend.
    B: Reply to (A) that you met a Japanese exchange student.

  10. It's Saturday. Your Japanese roommate asks you where you are going. Answer that you are going to school although there's no class since you have a study group meeting (benkyoukai) .

  11. A: There is a concert next Friday at UH. Invite your classmate.
    B: You have just been invited to a concert on Friday. Decline the invitation citing appropriate reasons.

  12. Your teacher asked if you are going somewhere tomorrow. Tell him that you are not going anywhere.

  13. At a restaurant, as a waiter/waitress,
    a. take an order;
    b. confirm the order.

  14. Suggest to your date that you and your date drink something.

  15. You and your friend are looking at the take out menu of a new restaurant. Tell your friend that their hamburgers look very delicious.

  16. At a dinner table at your host family:
    a. You are about to eat. What would you say?
    b. Your host urged you to have another helping. Tell her that to please not go out of her way.
    c. You have just finished the dinner. What would you say?

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