Ch8. Usage Practice

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  1. Ask a salesclerk for five large oranges. Then ask for three apples, too.

  2. Tell a clerk at the information desk in a department store that you want a tie and ask where men's wear (department) is.

  3. You have just purchased a sweater for gift. Make an appropriate request to the clerk.

  4. A: You just found a nice necklace for your mother. Your budget is 20,000 yen. Make an appropriate inquiry to the clerk.
    B: As a clerk, reply it costs 19,250 yen.

  5. Ask a salesclerk to show you that red tie near him. Then ask to show you that yellow one over there, too.

  6. The salesclerk has just shown you a bag. Ask if they have a larger one.

  7. You are run out of pencils and eraser. Ask a colleague to buy 12 pencils and 4 erasers.

  8. At the bookstore, find out if they have Japanese language dictionaries.

  9. Ask a salesclerk at the food department for those 3 large fish near him.

  10. The umbrella that you are looking at is a little bit expensive. Ask clerk that if she has a little bit more cheaper one.

  11. Tell a classmate that George, a common friend, wants to go to Japan to study Japanese next year.

  12. Tell your friend that you are going to buy 10 T shirts because they are very cheap.

  13. Ask a classmate what she/he wants for her/his birthday.

  14. As a clerk at the information desk, tell a customer that the food department is the first floor on the basement.

  15. You have just purchased a CD for gifts to your friend. Ask a clerk to wrap it.

  16. Tell a classmate that you come to school by bus since you don't own a car.

  17. As a salesclerk,
    a. welcome customers;
    b. tell a customer to wait a moment;
    c. assist a customer by finding out what she is looking for;
    d. tell a customer that you understand her request;
    e. return 800 yen to a customer for change.

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