Ch7. Usage Practice

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  1. A Japanese classmate asked you what kind of Japanese food you like. Name a few.

  2. Ask your classmates what activities she/he likes to do on weekends.

  3. A friend askeyou if you eat breakfast. Tell him that you eat breakfast on weekends, but not on weekdays (heijitsu).

  4. Ask your Japanese friend what she likes best among American foods.

  5. You've been asked which is older, Kapi'olani Community College or Honolulu Community College. Reply appropriately.

  6. A classmate asked you why you don't go out this weekend. Reply appropriately.

  7. You've been asked where you do shopping often. Name two shopping malls among other places and tell why.

  8. Tell a friend that you eat Loco Moco at the Rainbow Drive Inn, but not so much at L and L.

  9. A Japanese friend is intereted in watching UH football game at the Aloha Stadium. Tell her it is not very difficult to buy tickets. (lit. Buying tickets is . . . . )

  10. A colleague asked which sushi is the most delicious of all the sushi restaurants in Hawaii. Reply appropriately.

  11. You've been asked which you like better, tempura or sukiyaki? Answer that you like BOTH tempura AND sukiyaki.

  12. A classmate asked you if you go to parties. Answer that you don't go to parties so often since you don't like parties so much.

  13. A Japanese friend asked you which beach you go to often, Ala Moana Beach or Waikiki Beach. Reply appropriately and why.

  14. Ask your Japanese friend, studying English, which is more difficult, speaking English or writing English.

  15. You are at a party and you meet a person. Approach him/her, introduce yourself, and start conversation. Find out about him/her to see if he/she shares your interests.

    personal information
    name/ major/ place she/he is from


    likes (things & activities) & their preference

    dislikes (things & activities) & their preference

Sample Answers