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Dr. Julie Bailey-Brock

Department of Biology
University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
2538 McCarthy Mall
Snyder Hall 414C

Ph.D., University of Wales, 1969

phone (808) 956-6149

My research is about invertebrates and especially polychaetes. Three large projects have been undertaken in my lab over the last 5–6 years: the disposal site deep benthic communities for the Army Corps of Engineers, the Mamala Bay studies for the Mamala Bay Commission, and the biomonitoring of benthic communities at the sewage outfalls for the City and County of Honolulu. Our work has focused on the polychaetes as this is the most species-rich taxonomic group found live at the outfalls, the 300–500 m deep disposal sites, and at shallower depths in Mamala Bay. The sewage outfall study is designed (by EPA) to meet the requirements of the 301h waiver permit for the city to release advanced primary treated sewage at the Sand Island outfall. This is a great opportunity to study polychaetes and so far many new families and over 100 species have been added to Hawaii's fauna. We have gained an enormous insight into the community structure, trophic response and ecology of benthic invertebrates at these depths. I also continue to identify polychaetes and other invertebrates from West Pacific and Hawaiian coastal habitats. I am working on collections from harbor waters, marinas and coastal habitats of Oahu, Guam, Fiji, Tonga, Australia, Malaysia and New Caledonia.