Remembering and Reconsidering:
The 60th Anniversary of the End of
World War Two in Europe and Asia

Sponsored by the University of Hawai'i at Manoa (UHM),
and Hawai'i Pacific University (HPU)

November 10-12, 2005


Thursday, November 10: Yukiyoshi Room, Krauss Hall, UHM

6:30 pm Registration & Refreshments

7:30 Film Screening

Friday, November 11:Political Science Department Seminar Room, Saunders Hall, Room 624, UHM

8:30 am Registration & Light Breakfast

9:30 Opening Keynote Address Dagmar Barnouw, University of Southern California
"Hierarchies of Remembrance: The Politics of World War Two in Germany and America, 1945-2005"

Response: Peter T. Manicas, Interdisciplinary Studies-UHM, and the Audience

Coffee Break

11:00 Panel I. The Politics of Memory: Denial, Guilt and Responsibility

12:30 Lunch

2:00 Panel II. "Crimes of War:" War Crimes, War Crimes Trials and Their Legacies

Coffee & Tea

4:00 Panel III. Nationalism, Texts, Libraries and Total War

Saturday, November 12: Room 101, Hawai'i Loa Campus, HPU

(Parking at HPU's Hawai'i Loa Campus is included in the registration fee).

9:00 Registration & Light Breakfast

9:30 Keynote Address: Yuji Ishida, University of Tokyo
"Overcoming the Past: Postwar Japan and Germany from the Perspective of 2005"

Response: Daniel Kwok, Prof Emeritus, History-UHM, and the Audience

Coffee & Tea

11:00 Panel IV. The War at "Home:" The Pacific Islands

12:30 Lunch in Commons Room

2:00 Panel V. Approaching the End: 1945

Coffee & Tea

4:00 Concluding Roundtable: World War Two in Today's World

Facilitator: Jon Davidann
Participants: The Audience

For further information, please contact Prof. Peter Hoffenberg at (808) 956.8497 or e-mail:; or call Yvonne Yamashita at UH Conference Center (808) 956.8204. 

Registration Information and Fees: Cost: $25 ($10 students). Reduced fees available for 1-day only admission [$15 general/ ($7 students]). This fee includes refreshments, lunch, campus parking, and conference materials.  Please download the revised 2-page Registration Form & Instructions [PDF].

The conference has received the generous support of the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education, Colleges of Arts and Humanities and of Social Sciences, Library and Information Science Program, Departments of Political Science and History, Fund for the Promotion of Jewish Life and Studies, and the Spark M. Matsunaga Institute for Peace at the University of Hawai'i at Manoa, and the College of Liberal Arts and Diplomacy and Military Studies Program at Hawai'i Pacific University, and the Society for Military History.

Speakers, please send updated links to the conference web editor, Dr. Andrew Wertheimer.

>> Updated 26 September 2005.