Very Brief Statement on Research


Although my published research listed on my vitae, I thought students or potential collaborators might be interested in knowing about my current and future research agenda.


Within Library and Information Science, I am researching the history of libraries in Hawaii, Asian American librarians, and LIS education. I am also working on a text relating Collection Management to changes in publishing. I am also continuing research on Japanese American print culture.


I welcome exchange with researchers interested in collaboration on topics of LIS and LIS education, Japanese American history, ethnic print culture history or related topics.


Students, I can oversee Ph.D. dissertations as a member of the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in the Communication and Information Sciences (CIS).   For University of Hawaii Ph.D. students in other departments, I can serve as an outside committee member on dissertations on Japanese American history, Jewish modern history and literature (in the Diaspora), history of education, literacy, or print culture (journalism, printing, publishing, libraries or reading). I served as outside committee members for an MA thesis in French and a Ph.D. dissertation in Anthropology.


Last modified June 2010.