American Library Association / Library History Round Table

[LHRT Education Committe]


The LHRT Education Committee was created at the ALA Midwinter 2007 Conference in Seattle.

Our mission is to

1) Establish the LHRT's interest in the importance of library history, print culture history, and history of information/ books within graduate LIS education. We are concerned with the ALA Draft ALA Core Competencies being implemented as a standard for LIS education unless it is assumed under Professional Ethics or research.

2) Our second purpose is to create a database of ALA-accredited LIS schools that offer courses in Library History, History of the Book, Print Culture History, and the History of Information. Once established, we will maintain the site, in cooperation with the ALISE Historical Perspectives Special Interest Group. We hope that it can serve as a guide for Master's or Ph.D. students when they consider selecting programs, since the site will list relevant faculty.

Thank you for your interest in this LHRT initiative.

Andrew Wertheimer, Chair LHRT 2006-2007

Last revised: 27 March 2007.