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>>>> 2005 Annual Conference:


19 - 21 February 2005: AHA Annual Conference, Lanai

Hotel Reservation Form

Annual Conference Registration (PDF)

2005 AHA Annual Conference, Lanai - Tentative Schedule <NEW>


July 28, 2004





We are delighted to invite you to participate in the Annual Conference on the island of Lanai next February.  Enclosed are the registration forms for the conference, the conference hotel and flight information.  You are responsible for making your own hotel and travel arrangements but ground transportation is included in the conference fee. 


The conference hotel is providing us with a special rate for all their rooms. There are only eleven rooms at Hotel Lanai which accommodate between two to four people dependent on room type.   For descriptions of the rooms go to http://www.hotellanai.com/acc.html.  Since we’ll be monopolizing the Hotel Lanai, early reservations are required. Please mail their registration form to them!


In order to meet Hotel Lanai’s reservation requirement we are sending this registration packet out before all programs are confirmed for which we apologize.  We are thrilled to confirm Kanani Reppun will discuss materials from her collection relating to Lanaii. 


This year we are introducing a new component to the Annual Conference with a public presentation “Caring for Family Treasures” which will be free to the community.  If you would like to participate in this presentation, please contact our President Jim Cartwright at jimc@hawaii.edu or call him at 956-6995.


We look forward to your joining us next year and sharing in a wonderful experience.


Mahalo piha,




Conference Committee