American Library Association - Library History Round Table (ALA-LHRT)

Call for Papers:

LHRT Research Forum, June 2006

"The American Ethnic Experience

in the History of Libraries & Print Culture"

The Library History Round Table (LHRT) of the American Library Association (ALA) seeks papers for its Research Forum at the 2006 ALA Convention, New Orleans, 22-28 June 2006. While we welcome the submission of any research paper that takes a cultural and historical perspective on libraries, we are especially interested in research or libraries in relation to ethnic groups underrepresented in the literature, such as Native Americans, Latinos/Latinas, Asian Americans, Acadians, Italian-Americans, etc.

We encourage new scholars to submit papers, but welcome papers by any interested student, faculty or practitioner.

Proposals for papers should give the paper title, an abstract (up to 400 words), along with the scholar’s one-page vita.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS:                   30 NOVEMBER 2005.

Submit proposal or send inquiries to:

Andrew B. Wertheimer, Ph.D.
Library & Information Science Program
305F POST Bldg., 1680 East-West Rd., University of Hawaii-Manoa,
Honolulu HI 96822 USA       
TEL: (808) 956-3494 FAX: (808) 956-3548       E-mail:

The program will be publicized on or before 15 January 2006. Presenters must be members of ALA and LHRT before 1 May 2006. Please see for membership details.