Dr. Drew's Guide to Honolulu Restaurants


I've lived in Honolulu for a few years, and enjoy exploring town as time allows to find good affordable meals. I thought I would share this guide for visitors since I am asked for suggestions for time to time. I hope that others will also suggest other places. I hadn't updated this in three years, so I just made a few changes.

Eating is important in Hawaii. Here you can get everything from a very inexpensive plate lunch to very expensive 4-star gourmet meals. One local TV channel even features "cheap eats" each week during the nightly newscast. I have to agree with one food critic, though, that many people here prefer quantity over quality. There are many good places in town. Korean and Japanese foods are usually the best bets, in my opinion.


Korean (This is one of the safest bets in Honolulu). (The first one is open 24/7)



Nick's Fishmarket at the Waikiki Gateway Hotel (2070 Kalakaua Ave.): 955-6333.
I haven't been there, but many people swear by it.


Greek (Informal Mediterranean meals around $10) (Don't miss the humus!)

Chinese: (In Chinatown).

Vietnamese: (A Friend's suggestion).




Local Microbrewery Restaurant:

Middle Eastern:

-- Last Updated: June 2010.