University of Hawaii at Manoa

LIS Program

Curriculum & Professional Development

Committee meeting

21 April 2006 / Noon / ICS Conference Room


Andrew Wertheimer (, Acting Chair); Student Representatives: Lillian Nicolich <>, Rieko Goo <>, Janel Quirante <>


                  Peter Jacs—, Luz Marina Quiroga


1) Report on the Orals Questions

LIS student worker got stats on which orals questions have been answered in the past.  Lillian presented a chart that shows that some questions are very rarely chosen.  These questions should be reviewed by faculty.  

Orals student feedback summary indicates specific student concerns.  See the attached survey results table.

The student reps encourage all students to attend orals orientation meeting to be clear on structure and expectations.   The students also approve of exploring the Portfolio option instead of orals as a possibility in the future.

2) Suggestions for New Student Members

Janel Quirante will continue next semester as a representative.

Students proposed: Emmi Masumura (school library), Margot Hanson (academic), Leslie Chow (HITS) Mia Pereria (HITS and school library), Dainan Skeem (academic)

The Committee Proposed inviting a third student representative from a neighbor Island. As a proposal, the Department might allocate something like $500 to fly in a neighbor island student for LIS-CC. Other options would be web camera or other possibility. Dr. Wertheimer will take this to the LIS faculty.

3) Thank Outgoing Members Nicolich and Goo

Lillian stated that she appreciated the opportunity to participate.

4) Review of Outstanding Items


Student Survey Results: LIS-CC recognizes concerns of neighbor islanders.  The committee recommends that all students keep up with department communication, especially through lis-stu.  Committee proposes that a HITS student join LIS-CC. Students should have more proactive advising sessions, perhaps utilizing Dr. Jacs—Ős long-term advising chart. 

Responses for faculty to consider:

Communicate to students what has been achieved through HITS, that faculty has been responsive to student demand for HITS classes, and explain that there are student representatives on curriculum committee.

Faculty should respond to the survey and explain more about HITS.

6) New Business

Advising proposal

Hold a session with all faculty explaining the courses they will be teaching the following semester to answer questions students may have, and to present consistent information.

First MasterŐs Thesis student will apply at the end of this semester.

The explanation of requirements is in the Program Bulletin.

There is growing interest among LIS students to do this.

ICS: Dr. SutherŐs courses are now listed on the LIS website with links.

Submitted by Janel Quirante  (revised 23 April 2006)