I.               NAME

The name of this organization shall be the Association of Hawaii Archivists.

II.             OBJECTIVES

The Association of Hawaii Archivists is established to promote cooperation and exchange of information among individuals interested in the preservation and use of archival and manuscript materials in the State of Hawaii and adjoining areas: to disseminate information on research materials and archival methodology; to provide a forum for the discussion of matters of common concern; and to cooperate with the Society of American Archivists in its objectives, and with other similar cultural and educational organizations.

III.            MEMBERSHIP

A.             There shall be two classes of membership: individual and institutional.

B.             Membership in the Association shall be open to individuals and organizations that are interested in the purposes of the Association and the endeavors of the Association to accomplish those purposes. 

C.             Annual dues will be determined by the Board of Directors, subject to review by the membership at the Annual Meeting.  (Student memberships are available to individuals who have at least six credits or more for a reduced fee of $7.50.)

D.             Each institutional member shall notify the Association in writing of its delegate, who shall continue as the member for that institution until the next Annual Meeting unless prior notification of a substitute is received from the institution, and accepted by the Board of Directors. 

E.              All individual members and all institutional delegates shall have the right to one voice.  Only individual members may hold office.  Any institutional delegate who is also an individual member shall be eligible to hold office. 

IV.           Officers

A.             The Officers elected by general membership shall consist of a President, a President Elect, and a Board of Directors.   

1.              The President

a.              The President shall serve a one-year term; the year these bylaws become effective, the president will be elected from among the membership in good standing at the annual meeting of the Association.  Thereafter, the President will be succeeded by the President-Elect at each annual meeting. 

b.              The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors except as provided in Section C of this article; shall appoint committees as directed by the Association or the Board of Directors; shall call special meetings as provided in Article V, Section 2 of the By-Laws; shall look to the general welfare of the Association, and shall perform the other duties pertaining to the office.

c.              The President shall have voice and vote in all Board of Directors deliberations. 

d.              The immediate past president may not run for President-Elect during the next election.  

2.              The President-Elect

a.              The President-Elect shall serve a one-year term and be elected from among the membership in good standing at the annual meeting of the Association and shall after serving one year as President-Elect become President.

b.              The President-Elect shall at all times render assistance to the President; shall, in the absence of the President, preside and perform all duties of the office of President. 

c.              The President-Elect shall have voice and vote in all Board of Directors deliberations. 

3.              The Board of Directors shall consist of six members elected to two-year terms, with three directors elected each annual meeting from among the membership in good standing. 

a.              The directors shall have numbered positions, 1-6, with odd numbered positions being elected in odd-numbered years, beginning in 2005 or in the first odd-numbered year following the adoption of these bylaws, and even numbered positions being elected in even-numbered years. 

b.              A director may serve two consecutive full terms.  If a director resigns for any reason before the completion of the two years of a term, another may be elected either in a special election or at the following annual meeting for the duration of the unexpired term. 

c.              The Board and Officers may also call upon the immediate past president to participate in any Board meetings and vote therein, particularly in order to resolve a perceived tie among Officers and Board members. 

B.             Other officers, such as Treasurer, Secretary, and such other officers as the Board shall decide, shall be chosen by the Board of Directors, President and President-Elect in the first Board meeting after elections shall take place. 

1.              Secretary shall keep minutes of the Board Meetings and other meetings of the Association, shall maintain the membership list and periodically provide updates thereof to members and officers, shall maintain the bylaws and other governing records of the Association, and shall be responsible for transferring records of the Association to the official archives of the Association at appropriate times. 

2.              Treasurer shall maintain the funds of the Association and make recommendations to the Board concerning the banking and/or investing of said funds.  Treasurer shall keep records of all receipts and  disbursements of funds, maintaining a file of bills paid.  Disbursements shall require signatures of Treasurer and of President or President-Elect.  Treasurer shall not serve more than two consecutive years in that position. 

C.             Standing Committees, with one exception, shall be created by the Officers and Board of Directors. 

1.              One standing committee, Nominations and Elections Committee, shall be chaired by the immediate past president and consist of that person plus one or more directors whose terms expire at the next annual meeting and such other persons as are asked by the above.

2.              The Officers and Board of Directors shall establish such other standing committees  as needed. 

V.               MEETINGS

A.             Unless otherwise ordered by the Association or by the Board of Directors, the regular meeting, call [sic] shall be held once a year.

B.             Special meetings may be called by the President, the Board of Directors, or by nine members of the Association.

C.             Ten members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. 


RobertŐs Rules of Order shall govern the proceedings of the Association, except in cases as are covered by the By-Laws and special rules adopted by the Association.


These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the voting members present at any regular or regular-adjourned meeting of the Association, provided the proposed amendment has been circulated to the members at least thirty days prior to the date of that meeting.

Adopted 4 October 1989; Revisions to By Laws Adopted: 20 February 2005