Board Meeting, February 16, 2007
Paesano Restaurant, Manoa Marketplace

Present: Ellen Chapman, Barbara Dunn, Laura Gerwitz, Judy Kearney, Pat Ogburn, Kanani Reppun, Helen Wong Smith, Andrew Wertheimer

Kanani started the meeting at 6:00.

TREASURER'S REPORT: Laura distributed January's financial report and corrected reports for Sept., Oct., Nov., and Dec. 2006. The current balance is $3,682.34.

HAWAII MEDICAL LIBRARY RESOLUTION: Kanani is still trying to set a date to meet with Queen's officials. Helen and Andrew agreed to go with her and decided to try to have the meeting on Friday, March 16. Judy suggested looking at older plans to raze the HML building, on file with the city Planning Department, and will provide Kanani with the tax map key.

PROTEST RE KANANI'S FIRING: The Board expressed its strong support for her and offered assistance beyond its recent statement. Kanani thanked the Board for its effort and said we need not do anything further.

ELECTION: Judy will prepare the ballot based on the Nominating Committee's slate (many thanks to Jim Cartwright for chairing the committee!) and include it in the next Newsletter to be distributed next week. Ballots must be submitted at the annual meeting or mailed to AHA's post box (P.O. Box 1751, Honolulu, HI, 96806) postmarked no later than March 16. Jim will count the ballots at the annual meeting and announce the results there.

NEWSLETTER: Aside from including ballots and annual meeting information, the next Newsletter will have a reminder about paying 2007 dues which can be paid at the annual meeting or before.

ANNUAL MEETING - March 30 - April 1, Molokai
1) FEES: We agreed on the following fees to cover costs:
Meals (5) $100
Lodging (2 nights) $120
Ground transport $ 25
Registration $ 40/members; $60/non-members; $20/students
TOTALS: $285/members; $305/non-members; $265/students (Plus airfare; not yet determined)

2) AIR TRANSPORTATION: Pacific Wings' planes carry only about 11 passengers each. Island Air has charter service and can hold 20+ per plane. Andrew will find out the costs for chartering a roundtrip flight for all attendees at one time (it is important for all to arrive and leave together because of arranging van transportation between the airport and ranch). We would like to leave Honolulu around 1:00pm on Friday, March 30 and leave Molokai around 1:00pm on Sunday, April 1.

3) MEALS: A cook at the ranch has been contracted to provide dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. Helen will buy the food needed for the other three meals to be prepared by her husband.

4) LODGING: The registration packet will include a schematic of the rooms available and ask attendees to indicate first and second choices of rooms and roommate preferences. Helen will assign the rooms on a first-come, first-served basis.

5) GROUND TRANSPORTATION: Helen is arranging two vans that can carry all attendees; she and her husband will be the drivers.

6) PROGRAM: $100 honorarium to each speaker
FRIDAY 3/30:



NEXT MEETING - ***IF NECESSARY***: Friday, March 2, 5:30pm, Mission Houses Library