Board Meeting: September 26, 2006

Present: Ellen Chapman, Barbara Dunn, Leilani Pyle, Pat Ogburn, Kanani Reppun, Andrew Wertheimer. Excused: Laura Gerwitz, Judy Kearney, Helen Wong Smith

Kanani called the meeting to order at 5:30pm.

NEWSLETTER: Andrew volunteered to produce the September newsletter if Judy is unable to do so. We discussed the items to be included. Information about the Winter Social will be sent in a separate mailing. [Webmaster's Note: Judy sent out the newsletter.]

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: October 24: Laura Ruby's presentation on her Moiiliili research. The Board will meet at 5:15 for a brief business meeting, followed by dinner, before the presentation at 7:00. Ellen will send the CPK menu to Board members who will send their menu choices to Kanani who will submit the group order to a restaurant delivery service. Pat will get a lei for Ruby, Ellen will introduce the speaker, and Laura will prepare the check for the $100 honorarium.

ANNUAL MEETING: Barbara gave us extensive information on hotels, B&Bs, and other accommodations on Maui.

We concluded that either a venue had too few rooms, the rooms were too expensive, or they were too distant from the sites of proposed activities. We decided to consider Maui for another time and hold the 2007 annual meeting on Oahu. Andrew asked that think about scheduling it later in the spring semester so that some of his students could give presentations on their archival projects. We discussed several possible activities and decided to explore the idea of centering our activities around the University of Hawaii's centennial celebration events. Ellen will try to find a list of events including the UH Art Gallery's schedule of exhibitions and when the Ossipoff exhibit will be held at the Academy. We talked about possible keynote and other speakers. Andrew offered to talk about the history of the Library & Information Science Program that he is writing as part of the UH centennial. Ellen and Andrew will form a subcommittee to flesh out all the ideas.

RESOLUTION RE HAWAII MEDICAL LIBRARY BUILDING: The resolution and cover letter are ready. Kanani will check with Helen about a supply of AHA letterhead paper and with Judy about mailing labels.

FUNDRAISING: We discussed the possibility of making AHA tote bags, T-shirts, or other items to raise money and decided it would take too much time and money for the few sales we would likely make. The idea of making something for members to wear, not as a fundraising tool, but as a solidarity booster seemed agreeable.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Ellen Chapman, Secretary

NEXT MEETINGS: October 24 at **5:15**
November 28, 5:30
December no board meeting